Monday, July 26, 2010

Learning the Secret of a Homemaking Heart

What is it, that makes a christian woman a happy, home-loving wife and mother?

I wonder if, part of it perhaps, is this... as a woman setting out to become godly home-maker, she is encouraged to 'look to the ways of her household' and so, she begins the happy work of creating a haven of order and beauty. Her duties encompass many tasks, both mundane and creative, and she discovers that all are necessary for the making of a pleasant home.

She does not aim to reproduce the sterile image of perfection from some home decorating magazines. Neither is she slavishly mimicking the staged room settings of non-existent homes, found in the junkmail brochures. In fact, there may be nothing at all in her abode which bears a designers label to be eyed with envy.

No..a godly homemaker seeks items of much higher value to embellish her precious home!

Her guests may have trouble recalling the pattern on her sofa or the color of her curtains, but they will, however, clearly remember the atmosphere of the room in which she entertains them. Being aware of this, she aims to create, to the best of her ability, a tranquil room. For a caring home-keeper loves to create a warm and welcoming feel to her home.

She works to achieve this by simple means such as...avoiding ugly clutter, dusting and cleaning the furniture, and having good natural light coming in through the windows for starters. She adds some pretty flowers, real or silk, some comfy cushions, and pleasant pictures on the walls to make a plain room look lovely without costing a fortune.

She knows that many of the decorative items she seeks, can easily be found at thrift shops, or perhaps can be handmade by herself, as she learns some craft as a handy new hobby.

But nice as all these objects may be, the thing which people will remember most, is the 'feel' of the room. If everything is in it's place and picture perfect but the conversation is dry, cold and uncaring, her guests will carry away an impression of a soul-less house. However if they are greeted with true charity and genuine friendliness, they will leave with a sense of contentment and a desire to return again and often.

After all, it's not a designer sofa which offers comfort-a listening ear and gentle heart does ! And a stiff 3 course meal on expensive china does not feed the soul-but a simple bowl of warm soup can be a feast of joy, if served with love ! So the godly woman comes to discover that the heart of a truly happy home-maker must be a 'servant' heart.

She cheerfully learns to build a home of faith, love and peace for her family, as well as beauty comfort and order. She opens her home gladly to offer friendship, respite and encouragement to others. Her heart delights in sharing the blessings of her life and she extends them gladly as each opportunity arises.

She is known and loved for her generosity, joy, gentleness and faith. Her family treasure her and her friends admire her for she holds the key to contentment in her daily round of home-keeping. She knows the secret of finding joy in the humble chores of cherishing her home.

The key is shaped by the word 'GIVE'

And the secret's name is 'LOVE'

--Beautifully written by Trish @ Angel Wings and Apron Strings



winter04 said...

Hi June,
I'm a new follower of your blog and I really have to thank you for your beautiful posts on homemaking, godly motherhood, and marriage! God has used you in a tremendous way to speak into my life and for that I praise Him and thank you for speaking with boldness yet gentleness! I'm a 28 year old wife and mother of four beautiful blessings and find such wise counsel here. I do not have many people around me that I can share these things with or that can offer such insight on these subjects. Not many people my age are concerned with these things, let alone married with children. Again, I thank you! God bless you and your family.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I agree that this post is beautifully written and she is so right - it is the atmosphere of the home that people remember. She mentions the 'designer sofa' not offering comfort but a listening ear and a gentle heart. As I opened up my home this weekend for a family birthday party I had to keep reminding myself as I vacuumed my sofa which is looking rather worn and tired these days, that my guests would not go away thinking - 'they really should think about replacing that sofa'!
And the 'simple bowl of soup' - I had prepared lots of food but noticed that it was the soup that our guests were choosing from the buffet table over fancy little savouries as they enjoyed fellowship with our family.
We should prepare our home for guests but I have learned that 'people are more important than preparations'. Entertaining can be so much about trying to impress and not have others think badly of us but Christian hospitality is all about serving others.
Thank you for sharing this - I am sure it is going to help many women like myself who used to or still fret about opening up their homes to others for fear of what others might think.

Kris said...


I grew up in a home where everything was "perfect" but cold and uninviting. I can count on one hand the times my mother invited anyone into our home, and my messy little friends were not allowed to come in and play.

This is starkly contrasted to my own home now, where I tell people that they are more than welcomed to come in, enjoy, and make messes if necessary. I will apologize for the inevitable untidyness, considering that eight people LIVE in our house.

It IS, after all, just a house. The atmosphere of comfort and welcoming are from the hearts of those who abide there, not by fashion and perfection. I don't normally have many people in my life who are perfectionists, and I don't really feel the need to put on the mask of one either!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Thank you for sharing! Your blog is such a lovely blog! I recently found it through a friend and you have so many encouraging posts here! I look forward to reading them more slowly.

I have a quick question~~would you be okay if I saved some of these lovely paintings/artwork and posted them with Bible-study/homemaking-type posts for young ladies? If so, thank you! If not, I understand.

Thank you!
Joyfully in Jesus,

P.S. My blog is if you would like to answer my question there, otherwise you could leave a comment here and I will check back. Thanks! :)

Trish said...

Hello June, thank you for graciously including my post on your wonderful blog. I feel very honoured-and surprised as I came to visit you today! I'm so grateful for the teaching and encouragment you give us ladies to help us grow in our calling to serve the Lord and our families. Your lovely ministry has far-reaching effects.. may He continue to bless you abundantly in all you do !

Jolene said...

I loved this post! I have been working the last couple of days preparing for our 5 guests (mother, father, and three children) from America. They are coming for the husband to preach at our summer Teen Camp and they will be here 2 1/2 weeks.

They are coming from (yes, laugh with me!) the Silicon Valley in California where real estate is the highest in the country to our humble little missionary village where our house is unfinished and our walls are still concrete.

I have nothing "designer" (and, of course, they don't expect me to) and I will be serving humble "bowls of soup" since everything here has to be made from scratch. However, this post was a timely reminder that it is what comes from my heart that will matter most! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This was simply a lovely post regarding the true secrets of homemaking.

I think in the hussle and bussle of life, we (homemakers) sometimes think that we have to be "super homemaker" with all the latest gagets and fancy designer furniture and display items - thinking that having these items in themselves will make others feel comfortable in our homes.

However, you make an excellent point: true homemakers are those who make their guests and family members feel welcomed and loved.

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

WhitneyandScott said...

Hi June,

A dear friend shared your blog with me, and I just spent a whole nap time reading it!

I am a new mom with a 15-month-old biological son and usually - starting just a month ago - also have 1-2 additional foster infants in our care as well. Today was one of those "struggle days" that sometimes (ok, frequently!) occur with 2-3 kids under 15 months, and I am so blessed and inspired by your encouraging words throughout your blog.

I have a blog that many of my "young mom" friends read, and I would love your permission to ocassionally share some of your entries and a link to your blog on my site, as I think your wisdom will be an encouragement and challenge to them as well. Please let me know if I have your permission to do so.

Thanks, and God bless you and your sweet family!

www. whitneyandscott. blogspot. com

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear WhitneyandScott,

Thanks for visiting! Yes, you have permission to share the articles--my only request is that you state that the article was written by me with a link back.

Many blessings...

tea time and roses said...

A lovely post indeed. Thank you so much for sharing. There is something special about a Godly home, a memory that sometimes linger for a lifetime.



Homequeen said...

Dear June,
I feel you are writing especially for me. I relate to so much of your articles on this wonderful Blog, and I am a new follower. I wish I'd found you years ago! I'm a wife and mother of four children, and I'm 40, and delighted to learn so much from here.
This particular posting reminds me of our family home in Scotland, where I was brought up. It was always tidy and clean, with family photographs everywhere, log fires to sit around,cut flowers from the garden, family laughter and a relaxed welcoming atmosphere, although it was perhaps not as modern in design or furniture as other homes.
Nowadays many people are often needing to by the latest design of furniture, the new modern floor covering, and they forget that it is not these material things,nor The Good Room, but the little details, like the delicious soup, the children's stories, and the cat curled up beside the fire that guests will remember.
Little details that often pass unnoticed by many,- that's what makes a "House" a "Home".

KBrittain said...

I have recently been directed to your blog by friend (who also blogs). I am engaged to be married this October, and in our marriage counseling we have spent some time talking of roles in the home. As God is awakening desires I never realized could be so strong to be a homemaker, I am challenged in my heart to figure out "Why?" I feel your blog, and even your husbands blog, are a great resource for me as I am asking the Lord to search these desires of my heart. Thanks for the time you invest in your blog!

MyJourneyBack said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Lupus Undone said...

I love reading your blogs, though I am not usually a commenter, I have to say that this topic has been on my heart lately. I used to be the best home maker, a great wife and a great mom. I was married for 12 years, and we have 4 children and 2 adopted. He left me over a year ago for a friend of mine. I just cant seem to find that energy or inspiration anymore to really put my heart into my home any more. I cook and keep the dishes and laundry done for myself and the children, but my home is now a cluttered mess, and I cant seem to get a handle on it, nor do I seem to have any passion to want to anymore. My joy came from my identity as a christian wife and mother, now, half of that has been stolen from me. Just wanted to share and ask for your prayers, please. Thank you, Christy

Anonymous said...

Ah. Sigh.......... From the topics that speak to this old heart to the music and pictures, I find respite here whenever I come. Thank you. Your blog is very like the home you describe in this entry. I feel welcomed here, peaceful, is simple, it is lovely. And I want to come again and again. Thank you for what you do. Lord bless your efforts always---for all our sakes!
Sincerely, Kathleen~

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