Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Mission Field

So oftentimes we think of the mission field as some far, far away place, full of foreigners--a harvest waiting to be harvested.

But I propose to you to rethink that notion.

Have you viewed your home as a mission field?

We are told to set our sights for missions abroad and internationally--and we very rightfully should. But mothers, I am calling all of you to look carefully at your homes.

The mission field of the home is an often neglected subject. The topic is vitally crucial because the neglect of the home leads to the demise of a nation. Mothers can get very distracted with the here and now and forget the bigger mission at hand---to share the gospel with their very own children.

"I'll leave that up to their Sunday school to tell them---aren't they the experts?"

It is tragic when parents forsake the precious responsibility given them from the Lord to share with their very own children the very words of life that will save their children from the eternal flames of hell. It is tragic when we don't even think for ourselves but allow the world to dictate how we should live as families. It is tragic that we have set up so many idols in our lives that even if we wanted to share, we are too absorbed and seduced with our 'toys' and responsibilities that we don't bother and say we don't have the time. It is tragic that we uphold the the role of the missionary who travels far away and despise the role of the mother and father who is a missionary in their own home.

It is horribly tragic that when we are too busy at church and doing ministry there and don't have time or care to disciple our own children.

We have become a nation of laziness. Overlooking true needs and fulfilling our own desires. It has permeated our culture and now leaks it ways into the walls of our home. Complacency fills our halls and the children are left neglected. Johnny is running free on the streets and little Suzy is finding her way into all kinds of trouble since she has become part of the wrong crowd.

This is the generation that knew not the Lord.

"And there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord" Judges 2:10

But mothers, we need to turn that around.

Have you shared the gospel with your children lately? Have you held up the free gift of salvation and made it readily available for them? Have you showed them He who is the light and the truth and has the ability to change their life and forgive their sin now and forever?

Don't delay--take this day to change that around. Holdfast to the eternal and forsake the temporal. Invest in those precious little faces around you. Mentor them and disciple them, this is your life sacrifice of investing in those most dearest to your heart. Don't leave it for others, but take up this sacred responsibility with zealous joy and fervor. What is more precious than leading your very own child to the Savior? What is more important than seeing their lives changed forever?

Here is a poem that touched my heart:

A Missionary's Vision
After marriage God called me to the mission field -
A little bundle needing all my care,
A disciple in touch with my life, obedient to all he hears.

Then came some more all in a row.
Everywhere I went, six little arrows in tow.
God had to call me again to His mission field.
I answered, "To China, to Africa, to Israel, oh where?"
His voice was clear, soft and gentle. My ministry arranged -
"My child, you are to polish our arrows,
Preparing them for My call to spread my
Words of life for other nations to see."

"Lord," I cried, "Loneliness surrounds my soul,
No other woman stands with me answering your call.
The sacrifice is great."
Women give way to another's voice, pulling them away
from their home, far from the quiver."
Once more I pleaded, "May I go too, Lord, I feel the call
To share with the lost, Life giving words,
To feed the hungry a satisfying meal."
"My child," Jesus replied, "You share with your
children salvation and truth.

Feed them meals under your roof.
Discipline them, train them and then lie down in peace,
For sacrificial love have you given to make the world right.
Arise in the morning, open My book,
Teach them into My eyes they must look."
"Yes, Lord, I replied, "But should I serve you in a more obvious way?"
"Child, my sweet child," God spoke once more.
I anointed you to do this work - the high calling of Motherhood.
To show our children the need for my love."

"Lord,", I sought out, still not fully convinced,
"Should I sew for those in thread barren clothes, a Dorcas, a Martha?"
"Sit at my feet, my child, listen to me.
Your daughter needs dresses, your sons warm shirts,
The button of your husband's coat still lies on the table.

Pick up your mantle, the rod of Aaron.
Lead my women back to their home.
"Yes, Lord." Filled and content, I took my position in God's mission field.
Hungry faces graced my bedside.
Clothed in God's mantle, children at my side,
I prepared breakfast.

----Paula Muller of Brodnax, Va

Encouraged here?

Please also check out my book True Christian Motherhood.


Happy Hermit ( said...

Thank you for sharing

Mandi said...

Great post! There is no higher calling than to be a missionary at home!

Lady Jen said...

Excellent post!

I blogged about a similar idea here:

This is often misunderstood as women go off to pursue their "calling" apart from their families. Thank you for this well-written reminder.

Deanna said...

Autumn Blessings to you!
Home is a very awesome ministry especially with a husband and children to tend to.

Home is a hands on ministry. God bless you real good,
d from homehavenministry

Ana said...

I second Mandi...

Missionfieldof5 said...

I couldn't agree more and that was why over a year ago I chose that as my username for my blog :) Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post!!
Melissa D. SC

Jenn@Spejory said...

Lovely! For many years I thought I had missed my calling to be a missionary then it occurred to me--of course! I AM a missionary! What a timely post!

One Christian Mom said...

I was thinking about this just today. I cannot take on any more responsibilities outside the home because I am at my max if my home is going to stay in order, and that includes ministering to my kids. We consider it a part of school. They learn a little about God and Jesus every day. They are young yet, but my daughter gets it and my son is starting to. It makes my heart glow when they talk about Him :)

Janet (Latte Lady) said...

Oh, bless your heart!

There will be some awesome, God loving people in the world because of dedicated mothers!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

mommyx12 said...

This is a wonderful post and truth in every word. Thanks for sharing it.

Tiffany said...

what a wonderful post, thanks for sharing it. The poem had me almost in tears because this is some of the things i am struggling with.

Leah said...

Thank you for sharing - amazing poem! I feel envisioned :)

cherub said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post. There are some days that I wonder about whether or not I am making a difference in the world. I now feel so much better after reading this uplifting message. Thank you and have a blessed week.

Saint Shellie said...

What a timely post. Just today, in Church, everyone was "inspired" to "Go into all the world." But I wanted to stand and say, "I agree, BUT what about our mission fields at home?" That is never mentioned from the pulpit. Why? As a country, we have forgotten our greatest duty. Thank you for the confirmation of what I was feeling in my spirit.

Mrs. Lindblom said...

A beautiful reminder.

Tiana said...

What a wonderful, timely poem. I really need to hear this.

I have often felt like very few women understand the high calling that we have as mothers. We're constantly being told that we're not doing enough, giving enough. What a blessing it is to know that God has given me this household and these little ones as my mission field!

Jasmine said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing. =)

Mrs. Lindblom said...

I already commented on this article, but I wanted to let you know that I linked to it on my newsest blog article: Homemaking: An Invaluable Calling.

Tiana said...

I linked to you today as well:



sweetjeanette said...

What a beautiful in spirit site! I got goosebumps as I read your dedication to your children...under the heading of Legacy. Thank you for sharing!
(I don't know how I found your site, but I'm so glad I did)

Michelle said...

My husband recently preached a sermon that was on this very topic!

So many parent think if they send their child to Sunday School, they've done their spiritual duty.

3 or 4 hours of church a week (if you're lucky) can not compete with hours and hours of secular schools, television, radio and worldly friends.

Our mission field is our home....and we are making disciples. The question is, disciples of whom?

Thanks for sharing.


Merryheart said...

Wonderful post! I'm sending a link to my HS group and church friends. I hope you are swamped!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This message is so true and yet it is so easily forgotten. Thank you for you reminder!


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