Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Homeschool Organization At It's Finest

Homeschooling is an joy and a blessing--however, homeschooling moms can get stressed and burnt out by not organizing well. It is vitally important to be organized so that our schools will run efficiently and that learning & teaching can occur at peak performance. If we are organized as we plan our lessons we will be on the right path of success as we travel along the adventurous journey of educating our children.

Here is a system that I have been using for organizing our homeschool that I cannot praise enough.

Angie at Many Little Blessings shares how she makes this system work for her school:

I have used a binder system in the past that I would carry around with me most of the time and still do that, but now I just pull out the folder for that week in advance and carry it around with me through the house. If I plan several weeks ahead I have a viable place to store it all and I have also made folders for each childs work, seasons, holidays, etc., so that when the time comes it is all there. I, personally, do not plan out the whole year (or every minute detail) but try to stay at least a week or two ahead since we need plenty of flexibility in our home of 10.

I believe homeschooling moms can get discouraged and overwhelmed by not organizing well and this is a huge solution to that problem. This system did not take long to set up and is now proving itself to be invaluable. Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight show us another example with more details of what could possibly go on the inside:

I liked her ideas because she advises to leave the crate out in plain view where you will see and use it. Because I am often at my desk where the files are and I have a regular planning time I don't need to have it out in view...but for those who need more visual reminders I definitely thought it was an excellent idea.

If you click on her label for organization you find will she has all kinds of great ideas for school and running the home. If you are organizationally challenged you definitely will go away inspired.

A well run, planned out school can make the difference from a boring, monotonous school to one that is alive with fun. It just takes a little planning. A game here, a manipulative there, a craft activity that coincides with what they are learning so that learning can overflow and concepts are reinforced.

Remember that *variety is the spice of life* and that holds true in homeschools, too!

Happy planning!


Emily said...

I agree! An organized homeschool does bring peace - great post today! Wishing you a beautiful day!

Fruit of her hands said...

Hi~ Really like your blog. What organization, wish I was that organized!! I don't homeschool (kids are all grown up) but I would love to someday be organized.

The Watts Family said...

That looks wonderful love your organization! Thanks for sharing ~Blessings Heather ;D

BeanIrene said...

Well I wanted to email you, but I am going to say this here instead, I want you to know what your blog has done for me. In every way. I also follow your husband's blog. You are both very inspiring, and help to keep me on track. I appreciate it greatly. We are quit organized for homeschooling, but I love the folder idea. I am thinking next year or the start of 3rd grade the year after, we will start this system. Right now it is pretty easy with only one schooler, but when our son is a little older then I will require even more orangization.
Thank you June for what you do, and the words you speak. It is very uplifiting and helps us Christian mothers/wives/women see where our focus needs to stay.

Fruitful Vine2 said...

With our schooling starting back sometime next week, this post is just the motivation I need to get everything in order.

Leah said...

I've spent a lot of time planning our school year over the summer break as ultimately it brings freedom during the year to know you've already thought it all through. I've enjoyed the process; I have a excel spreadsheet plotting out the whole year (overview) then weekly plans (three weeks planned so far)in plastic files in a folder than I can pull out when I need to. Still 'tweaking' a few details and hoping to kick off on Monday morning. I 'winged it' a lot last year and didn't enjoy that feeling - I'm looking forward to a fun and fruitful homeschool year.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about my files. :) It has been working so well for us this year. Last year, I felt so disorganized, but this year, I feel confident that I know what is going on. It makes not only me happier, but I can tell that it makes the kids happier too.

Thanks again for the link, and what you had to say about it!

Marietta said...

Thank you for such a great organizing idea! I will definitely be implementing that when I homeschool my son.

Kylee said...

I just read ur post on Choosing a Christian education. It seems to be gone now but I wanted to thank you. I appreciated your perspective even tho I didn't have time to watch the videos. Thank you for not being afraid to say it!


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