Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Knighthood for Boys: International Reform

My husband and I were recently inspired as we watched Geoffrey Botkin's 6 part DVD entitled 'Father to Son-Manly Conversations That Can Change Culture', to start a special life-directed journal as Mr. Botkin had done for his own children. With great excitement I add that this is not just any journal---but can definitely be a profound tool in raising boys to be godly men and used in connection with your consistent daily discipling.

This journal is easy to create using a simple composition book, with a table of contents written in by hand--here were some of the challenging entries he included for his young 15 year old son:

Dad's Maxim's (Encouragement)

What I Want for my Wife

What I Want for my Children

What I Will teach my Children

My Messages (that I will teach when I'm older to other young men to help them)

My Sin's and Weaknesses

My International Reform

Who I'm Discipling and How I'm Discipling

Prayers for the Church

Books I Have Studied

Entrepreneurial Ideas

This was just a glimpse of some of the titles Mr. Botkin used in his sons journal. This man is wise, for he knows that he can change the world through his children and he actively disciples them to do just that. These type of topics enforce and absolutely benefit boys as they get their thoughts flowing in the right direction about their futures and Gods will for their lives. It is also delightfully 'father-directed' as Mr. Botkin eventually goes over these subjects together with him after his son fills in the blank pages, so he is gaining invaluable guidance from his father while using the Scriptures to help direct his answers.

Did you notice that one of the topic's were 'My International Reform'---- now how many teens do you know are thinking about how to reform the world let alone just waking up in time for school? Many teens today are distracted and unwittingly focused on themselves much to their demise--they are not thinking about tomorrow, let alone the future. This journal is an exciting tool to help guide the young souls onto right paths and develop and cultivate a strong Biblical worldview.

What's even more exciting is that as they fill in these journals over the years they live in their fathers home they later take them with them when they leave or marry. They are able look over what they had learned, what they resolved and desired as a young man remembering what Dad had taught them in the past. These become even more valuable as Dad passes away and/or when they one day share them with their own sons.

When we created my own son's journal, we added in a few extra personal topics for him to consider and study, tailoring it just for him. Before we presented it, my husband and I both wrote personal notes to him on the front page--here is what my husband wrote:

To My Son, Stephen Josiah:

As you journey through this life I want you to remember one thing above all else, "Guard your heart!" for it is with your heart that you will serve the Lord, protect women and children, and fight the Great Dragon. You are a warrior in the Lord's Army. Fight Well!

May this journal help you to this cause.

Fighting the Dragon for you, Dad (he then drew a symbolic sword next to his name)

Isn't that just beautiful?

My son's eyes welled up as read it.

My prayer is that God would use the power of His Word, our consistent training and discipling, and this humble little journal---to help grow a little boy who is learning about being on mission for the Lord into a man who will one day fully be on mission for the Lord.

I also pray that this was helpful in giving you one more idea of how we can train our sons and prepare them to one day live victorious lives for the God we serve.

Have a blessed day!


Sarahxoxo said...

I love your blog entries!They have been an encouragment in my life!

Melissa D.SC said...

This does indeed sound like a wonderful way to help raise our Sons. I have three son's currently ages 4,3, and 8 mo. Would you have some insight or wisdom to share on how one might pass on such jewels to their sons if their Dad is not one for writing, or speaking per se. Their dad always says I am the articulate one in the family and their dad comes to me many a time and asks what is the best way to say something. Would it be ok for my husband and I to work on this together and perhaps I could be the stenographer and help him find the right words to put into writing???

On a side note, I have just recently found your blog and I have started at the beginning and am reading my way through to the current day. I find the grace in your words of great encouragement and the sound wisdom you impart from the bible very comforting. I am 41 years old and have been married for 8 years and ony came to know the Lord 6 years ago. Thank you for being a wonderful example of a Titus 2 Lady.
Melissa D. SC http://www.xanga.com/MelissaDSC

Buildeth Her House said...

This is a wonderful idea!! I'm so excited to get something started for my children. Thanks for posting this. Have a blessed day!

HappyHermit said...

Wonderful Post. I am so grateful for the time you take to share with us .

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Melissa,

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to post, I love hearing from my readers and knowing that this blog is making a difference in others lives.

I think it is a great idea to help your husband in composing this and as a matter of fact---I was the one who filled this book in for him, asking his opinion of what he thought I should add or omit.He gave his input and signed the note and presented it to him. We were made to be our husbands help-meets---so yes, by all means, help him!

Many blessings to your family...

Tanja said...


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my visit at your blog. You have a very beautiful writing style and your entries are so inspiring.

Thank you :o)

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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