Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Meaningful Christmas

Christmas is around the corner, be sure to watch this video before you do any shopping this year:

(thanks to Like a Warm Cup of Coffee)


Brooker said...

I love this video, I wish everyone could see it and truely understand it's meaning. I have had to relearn the Truth of what Christmas is and break my self of the consumerism. This happened because of many real life circumstances but I also know it was Jesus pushing me to turn toward the bible to unserstand for myself so I can teach my child and future generations what the meaning of Christmas is about. Thanks and if you do not mind I am going to post this also on my blog. Thanks for all of the inspiration and encouragement.

Sarah Mae said...

I am planning on putting this video up on my blog again Thursday night...I need the reminder myself! It is so easy to get caught up in the whole "black friday" hype!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is one powerful video! I think it's something all Christians need to see and think about. I know I need to break free of the consumerism. Thank you posting this video. I wish that more people could see it.

Kate said...

What a wonderful video. My husband started a business this year, so finances are a bit tight. Last night we decided I would bake cookies to give to most people as presents, and I was feeling like it wasn't enough. That I should buy them something as well. The movie definitely changed my opinion. Thanks.

Dawn said...

That video rocks! Hee hee. :-D

And it's so true...all we have to do is go to any Wal-Mart on the morning of December 26th to see a line 10 miles long returning their unwanted gift.

Save your money and give it to the poor, needy, hurting, lonely...like the video said.

Besides more clean water wells for countries, imagine if we took that 458 billion that the US spends on Christmas and gave it to some of the poorest of the poor countries to help give their people food, water, clothing and shelter? Now that's a real gift! Oh if only the US would wake up and see that!

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