Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weaving A Tapestry of Beauty

"Weaving a tapestry of beauty in our home calls for action. To successfully make the home of my dreams and God's call a reality, I have to be there, working and weaving on it every day. I have to plan the picture and select the colors, threads, and textures. I have to know what I want the finished tapestry to look like, and I have to pay attention to details along the way.

Understand the beauty and blessing of God's will for you. God is teaching us His will when He calls us to be homemakers. And I figure that, if God calls me to serve at home, to be on top of things, and to see that my housekeeping chores get done, then I want to do that. So I resolved (and you may want to do the same) to be at home
more often

-Elizabeth George


  1. I love Elizabeth George. I've read several of her books.

    I am currently struggling with balancing "keeping" my home and working full time. We don't have children yet, so I can't justify quitting my job, especially to my husband. I think I just need to get better organized regarding a cleaning schedule.

  2. I have always enjoyed Elizabeth George's books and this quote is excellent :o)

    I also love Thomas Kinkade's paintings!

    Blessings to you ...

  3. Beautiful Thomas Kinkade painting...big fan of his work!

    Great quote from Elizabeth George. I have a few of her books as well.

    My husband and I don't have any children yet and I am a keeper at home. One doesn't have to have children in order to stay home. :)

    Truth be told, homemaking is a full time job. There is always much to be done!

    If your heart is at home, begin praying that God would change your husband's heart.


  4. I read your blog regularly. What I want to know is where do you get the wonderful pictures on your blog?

  5. wonderful words from Elizabeth George. I have only read one of her books but have two more to get to. Thanks for sharing these thoughts


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