Monday, July 14, 2008

Questions and Answers

I am honored to have recently participated in an interview by Sara Mae from Like a Cup of Warm Coffee. We addressed two vital topics---the high calling of being a help-meet and the other raising the next generation for Christ.

I want you all to know that my family and I have not yet 'arrived' and do not by any means feel our family is 'the standard'. By participating in this interview I just wanted to give a glimpse into my thoughts and our lives. No family is perfect and I do not want people to get the wrong idea in thinking that because I write a blog or participate in interviews that we have it all together. Instead, we join the journey with other families in the great adventure of the Christian life and I am grateful to Jesus Christ and for those who have been a Titus 2 example to us.

Please click here for the interview.


Mrs. Anna T said...

I enjoyed reading the interview - as a new wife, I have a lot to learn from experiences ladies like you!

boutcrazy said...

I enjoyed your interview. I loved being a stay at home mother. I wish every mother could do it, even if for a short time. I know that not everyone can do this, I can't do it right now; but it was such a blessing.

Mrs. June, I've left a surprise for you on my blog. I hope that you enjoy it.


Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Deborah,

I am honored to receive this award --thank you and especially for the kind words as well. This is actually the second time the blog was received the 'Arte y Pico' award. I should probably put these awards and the others in my side bar so people will know (and perhaps award someone else who hasn't been awarded yet). Again, thanks for thinking of this blog--may God get all the glory.

Many blessings...

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

That was a wonderful interview. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Fanfan said...

I completly agree.
But I love crafting and I can't do to much because my house will be full of these.
( And of course it's not very beautiful( it's just for the joy to create something) so I can't give or sell it.
I wonder if i must continue or give up.

Samantha said...

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