Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Too Much

I am reading through Don Aslett's 'Weekend Makeover' again--everytime I pick up this book amazing things start happening around my house! Closets get organized, drawers get dejunked and Mama is one happy camper! Here is a glimpse:

"Abusing children in anyway, physically or emotionally, or neglecting them, the only unforgivable thing on this earth. When we hear accounts of child starvation and abandonment, most of us are irate or horrified. Yet have you ever thought about "too much" as almost an equal unkindness to children?

Having everything is almost as abusive as having nothing. We now are burying our children with too much---too many things and opportunities.

Our children now are getting less parenting and more playthings, less personal responsibility and more pleasures. They have more machines and fewer muscles; confections are overtaking affections. Think on this a minute or two and it will give "too much" a new meaning!

We ride this "Excess Express" from infancy constantly asking for thing, buying and getting everything they want, when they want it, and actually being raised up to be junkers. Look at how bad we old duffers are, and we had little, or not more than a tenth of what is available to kids today, when we were young. Yet look where we are now: cluttered in. Just think of all that is available to newer generations and with less discipline, too. How much junk will they have by the time they are thirty, forty, and fifty? It will be horrendous and will affect their marriages, jobs and self-esteem. And let's not even try to imagine what size homes and storage units they will need to contain it all, or what will be done the the earth in the process of producing all this. It is a bloated future ahead..."

Isn't that so true?

Well, off I go to toss our 'too much'!

Thank you, Mr. Aslett.


momof5hix said...

I agree. "Too much" tends to sneak in to our life. It is just another thing that robs our family of time. I also and tossing our "too much".

Kari Wright said...

a constant struggle. we garage saled a few months ago, I am going through cupboards already again to add to another one!

Marqueta said...

This is so true! We have cleaned out and cleaned out and cleaned out our toys and clothes, but more keeps coming in! Nature abhors a vacuum, I guess.
Thank you for the wonderful quote.


Sarah Mae said...

Boy do I have to remind myself of this - thank you so much for this post! I wonder if we can give too much in the way of vanity as well. I am constantly calling my daughter beautiful, pretty, etc. Is there a line to temper vanity?

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Sarah Mae,

I've often thought of that too--especially when I comment on pretty clothes. I don't want them to think it's all about clothes and thus want more and more. So I try to add that beauty first starts on the in the heart.

That subject sure sounds like the makings of a great post!

Many blessings...

Abounding Treasures said...

Thanks for this as it's so true!

I always tried to teach my children when they were growing up that money isn't everything and that true beauty glows from within ... now that they are adults, I hope that they remember these truths in their lives :o)

by His grace,

Karen said...

I wish I could sell or toss some of our clutter! But my husband won't let me! He claims he needs it! Meanwhile I feel buried in it over here! Thank God eventually we will move to a smaller house and he'll HAVE to get rid of some stuff.

Mrs.MegLogan said...

This is an interesting perspective. I have a distaste for "too much", but never quite thought of the future ramifications like that. How I have SO much more now, because I had so much when I was a kid. And when I look back on the toys I had as a kid, I really only had 10th of what my kids have.

Seems like I have to throw out half their rooms once a year just to keep things manageable. And the stuff just keeps coming!! YIKES.

Thanks for the tips, I like your blog, and this is my first visit here.



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