Thursday, July 31, 2008

Homemaking Is An Art

"Homemaking is an art, and you have the privilege of expressing and developing all your talents there in a little place called home. You get to build...beautify... yourself. You get to read and study and grow and master nutrition, finances, horticulture, design, wardrobe, etc. And you also get to shape your children, to give their precious lives a bent toward God. To nurture their souls with the good things of God. To pass on the truth about Jesus to one more generation. And to do so means you've got to be dedicated, organized, and a woman of purpose. And you've got to have the spunk and energy to follow through on all the dedication, organization, and purpose that answering God's high calling to homemaking requires."

--Elizabeth George, A Woman's High Calling


  1. That is so true. We, as women, are given such a gift. We are free to express ourselves and our love for our families and God through our "housekeeping." Don't you find it sad that so many of us can't find the joy in housekeeping? I feel so lucky that God has blessed me with such a lovely home and such a loving family to take care of.

  2. that was good. I enjoyed reading this, and it is a wonderful reminder of my calling.

  3. I am glad I am a stay at home wife, a stay at home mother, and a keeper of my home.

    I thrive in this position. No other position has the same clout, the same reward, the same pay as that of a stay at home wife and mother.



  4. Just wanted to say hello and that your blog always inspires me in my quest to build a godly home. I love my time spent here and come away refreshed and encouraged! Blessings to you and your ministry.

  5. Oh, I love looking at pictures like that!

    Before being married, I never though much about the responsibilities of running a home, but now I'm often overwhelmed by the impact I can have on my family.

    Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?

  6. This is a wonderful quote and gives a full picture of just what impact wives and mothers have on their families and their homes!

    I am so thankful to have the privilege of being one :o)


  7. Thank you to share, Sometimes I forget how it is wonderful to take care of the family and the house.

    Also I would like to know the source of all of yours beautiful pictures

    THank you very much.

  8. Thi is a beautiful and encouraging reminder of the blessing of being a help meet,mother and home maker!-Thank you!

  9. Yesterday I helped my daughter host her first baby shower. I did do most of the preparations in the house, but it was so amazing to step back and watch her take charge and be the hostess. I thought "I've done it right somewhere". Thank you for sharing this.

  10. I love this quote! I have this book, but haven't read it yet. Everything I've ready by E.G. has been wonderful!


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