Monday, April 28, 2008

Recession Optimism

They say that our economy is hitting a wall---recession is what everyone is whispering about and we hear cries from the media of our nation's declining state. I am praying along with the rest of you that this situation passes and passes quickly, but until then---let's look at the bright side of things:

1. Higher gas prices---Topping off at $4 a gallon is definitely going to tighten many families belts. What a blessing in disguise though, this means more time at home! Yes, we can work on our homes and our families and not feel we have to run somewhere because we have some gas in the tank. We get to focus on what is best and not consumed with the rest.Take some opportunity to really relax, invest time in your children and love your husband. Be busy building up your family and home life and actually slow down enough to smell the roses. (When was the last time you slowed down enough for a board game?)

2. Real Estate--sluggish realty and foreclosures can affect everyone, I pray that no one will have to lose their homes. Americans today pick up and move quite frequently, while there is nothing wrong with that, I do remember a time when our forefathers bought homes and lived there the entirety of their lives. Did they have more contentment? Were they happier with the simple? Perhaps. Sometimes I get tired of hearing the cries of the rat race to upgrade. I think we would be wise to be content, no matter what our situations, even if we are in small homes. The American Dream is not the large home and big toys---the true American dream is finding your life through Jesus Christ.

3. Stretching Budgets--surely times can get tight---remember the stories of the Great Depression? Where they would save yards of string, and when they would finally have enough they would make a doll for little Susie (and she actually cherished it)!? Most of us moms today cannot remember ever going without a thing or our children for that matter. This is a great opportunity to learn to cook from scratch, be frugal, be better stewards of God's money. It is a great time to teach our children to not have every desire met on demand. It forces us to stop eating out and start eating at the dinner table and engage in lively, heart-felt conversation. Children do not need fancy clothes, gourmet food, or the newest toy but they DO need a mom and dad that are available to love them. Take this opportunity to teach them what really matters.

4. Time for Prayer--take time to be still and pray for our nation and it's leaders. Remember that God holds the kings hearts in his hands and directs their ways. Even though times here on earth can spiral downward, God is always in control of it all. He hasn't forgotten us and, in fact, the Bible declares that He is our Helper and He hears our cries. I understand that the elderly have been impacted --perhaps we can find ways to give them a helping hand with their limited income. What a great way to show the charity of Christ in our lives.

I think this is a great lesson for us all... if we take the opportunity to learn from it.


iheartchocolate said...

I needed to hear this, thank you!

Christin said...

This is a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your optimism and you are so right! Your blog is a beautiful portrayal of a godly woman/wife. Thank you for being an inspiration!

Daisy said...

Wonderful post. I'm enjoying your blog very much.

Anonymous said...

I love this post!
The other day at a ladies' forum I go to, I posted a Wall Street JOurnal article I had read about freaking out and stockpiling food, to see what response I would get.
At the end of the day, the Lord cares for us and will not abandon us, left to starve to death. If we work hard and diligently, we are provided for, even in the leanest of times.

Do you mind if I share this article at my blog? I simply love it!

Linda said...

I love your post! :D

It's so true.. we should all be ashamed of ourselves when complaining about an economy that drops a few percent.. I mean, let everyone just go ask their grandparents on the 1930's and they'll shut up ;)

greetings from the netherlands!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your optimistic viewpoint!! Thank you!!

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Mrs. Gunning,

Thanks for visiting and yes, you are more than welcome to.

Many blessings...

Mrs. Sewell (Professional Wife and SAHM) said...

This is just the best post I have read today! Thanks for reminding us of what is really important...our families!

God Bless
Crystal <><

Anonymous said...

Very timely post, Mrs. Fuentes. These are particularly unsettling can become quite scary, & we need to remember who is the Author of our very existence.


Sharon said...

What a beautiful viewpoint! I've been blessed by spending time "with" you today!

Taft Sills said...

Thank you for writing such a well thought, well meaning post. I hope families take your advice. Sometimes blessings come disguised in scary packages. I am going to write a post about your post on my blog so those that drop by my blog can find this post.

You can drop by for a visit sometime, too. My address is

Tafy Sills from Blackbery Lane Farm

Terry said...

Wonderfully said. Our culture could use a priority shift. If this causes that, then it's good for something.

Tracy said...

Fabulous post! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and ideas. :)

ladyofvirtue said...

The Lord has been encouraging me in this same way--good post.

Mrs. U said...

Very timely post for me to read today!

I LOVE being at home and I love cooking from scratch. Times like this have only reinforced how the need to learn more and to pass this on to my daughter.

Also, my husband was recently told by a real estate agent that the average time a family spends in a home is only 5 years!!!!! I had NO idea!!! We have a dream of buying a home of our own one day and living there until we die (we currently live in our church's parsonage).

Thank you for sharing this!

Mrs. U

Herb & Rhonda said...

This is a great post, June! Amen and Amen:)

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