Thursday, March 13, 2008

Food for Thought

I was visiting Kelly's blog the other day and found this great video by Voddie Bauchum that I'd like to share with you, especially in light of the California ruling on homeschooling last week.

(Remember to turn off the music in the sidebar!)

She also had this great quote:

"...let us not grow weary in well doing, knowing that even the routine tasks of everyday life, when done cheerfully to your praise, are fundamental in crushing the very gates of hell."

It is an awesome reminder that all things done well and for the Lord will impact lives and change the course of history for His glory. Thank you, Kelly.


-:-Chanin-:- said...

Wow! That is powerful stuff! Thank you :-)

In Christ, Chanin

dawnkristine said...

I just found your blog for the first time, ( how do you find the time - 8 children?) But anyway, I think this has been a very lovely place to visit, and I will be back again!

Mrs. U said...

Wow. 14,000 seat hours in public education. Phew.

PRAISE THE LORD for homeschooling and that we can teach our children His ways from His Word.

Thank you for sharing this, Mrs. Fuentes.

Mrs. U

Linda said...

What a great video! The man looks and acts so much like my father in law! *lol*

I wish homeschooling was legal in our country.... I would be the first to do it! Then again, we DO have the luck that our kids get to go to a reformed christian school, not neccesarily a public school..

Greetings from the netherlands!

Mrs. Bethany Hudson said...

Thanks for that webvideo! I am planning to homeschool my daughter (and any future children) when the time comes, and that was a great encouragement. I have a question though: In the video, he mentions "What about socialization?" I've already been asked this question, and my daughter is 8 months old! The thing is, I am not personally close with many homeschoolers, and my question is: How DO homeschooled children socialize in this culture of playdates and soccer moms? Any advice, Mrs. Fuentes?

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Bethany,

There are many great books on this subject. One that comes to mind is 'The Socialization Trap' by Rick Boyer which I recommend. I might also have some related articles on my homeschool blog which you can find on my sidebar on my home page. The book 'Homeschooling: The Right Choice' by Chris Klicka explains this beautifully as well. Hope that helps.

Many blessings...

Robin said...

I have this video, and this is my favorite section of it. It really made me think, as I was raised in the public school setting. I had those same questions before I took my daughter out of PS to home school her. In fact, I was really afraid to pull her out thinking I was doing something wrong. My state is very HS friendly, so it's interesting how well the indoctrination took, isn't it?

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