Friday, January 4, 2008

We're Always Teaching

Have you ever noticed that we, as Christian women, are always teaching?

We teach often times without a word. Our actions speak quite loudly for us. What are your actions speaking to the multitudes today?

I've witnessed bad teaching....women who roll their eyes at their husbands when asked to do something. Women who treat their children as if they were burdens.

We teach when we choose others or things first over our families.

We teach when we wear that immodest outfit that screams for attention.

We teach when we turn our eyes away from a need and ignore it.

We teach in our silence when we don't stand up for what is right.

We teach how to handle anger through our example.

We don't have to call out a four point bulletin and invite everyone to our own private class. People learn from watching whether we like it or not.

So what are you teaching to the world today?

And just what are you passing down to the next generation?

I have learned so much by watching godly women. A gentle and quiet spirit stands out in the crowd much more beautiful than a woman who tries to bring attention to herself in a loud outfit or spirit. A self governed spirit brings due respect while the one lacking control brings just the opposite along with utter distaste. A servant's heart refreshes those around them and teaches the greatest sermon on humility.

How beautiful it is when I see a wife submitting to her husband respectfully and quickly. How ugly it is when the wife disregards or mocks him. No one will say a word of course, for it is politically incorrect to point these things out publicly. You see, it is her mother who should have taught her about such things. And if her mother was unavailable to do so, the woman should do all that she can to teach herself. No one ever plateaus in the learning of biblical womanhood and if they do that is a warning sign---and a dangerous one!

So think clearly today of what your actions will teach---and remember that all eyes are on you!


Mom2fur said...

I think one of the reasons I've been happily married 27 years (and we dated 9 years prior to that--we were high school sweethearts) is that my husband and I not only love each other, but genuinely like and respect each other. Although I'm not into the woman being submissive thing, I am into being kind to each other. Isn't it sad when one can't treat the person closest to them with as much decency as she/he would treat a best friend? Honestly, if some people I've seen treated a friend like that...they'd lose that friend in a flash. Why does a marriage license give some the feeling they have the freedom (security) to hurt their partner? It's sad, really. Maybe if we all made our efforts to treat our partners with dignity, the divorce rate wouldn't be so high.
And kids...I have four wonderful kids. They are the joys of my life. Parents who have kids and don't appreciate them have no idea what they are missing out on!
One last thing (I'm sorry this is long): modest clothing. You can be modest without being a frump. I enjoy a show called "What Not to Wear," and they get the occasional hoochie mama. They always ask: "your clothes are sending a message...but what kind of message are you sending?" Thank-you-very-much, but I don't care to see your tummy...or to read words written across the back of your pants. Modest or not...these things are just in bad taste!

Jenny said...

Excellent post...It's a good reminder that our kids are always watching and learning from us even when we are not "intentionally" teaching them.
I visit your blog often and enjoy your writing. I appreciate your wisdom. Have a great weekend!

Persuaded said...

Wise wise words, my dear. I will be coming back to reread them again and again...

thanks so much for taking the time to write this.

Davesgirl said...

You keep stepping on my toes :)))))

I'll be watching my "teaching" that I do without knowing it a lot closer now!

Chanin said...

Thank you for these great reminders!

In Christ, Chanin

Brenda said...

I had a victory in this today. My husband went to play golf after he told me earlier he wouldn't. He asked if I was mad when he got home and I told him "I decided not to be." He was curious about that statement! I told him a friend had jokingly talked bad about him and tried to lure me into a conversation of being mad at him and complaining together about my mistreatment and I just realized how ugly that attitude looked on her and didn't want to be that way. So I chose the other course. He was grateful and we had a wonderful rest of the day. I hope I taught her about good attitudes towards husbands.

Cath said...

You just kicked me in the head!! I hope you don't mind, but I just printed your message out and posted it on my fridge. Thank you for this.

SuzyQ said...

I stumbled upon your lovely blog by chance and I must say I'm glad I did:0)
THis is a really thoughtful post full of good things to be reminded of daily.

Lisa said...

Excellent post, wonderful to be reminded in such an eloquent way! Thank-you!

Mrs. U said...

Mrs. Fuentes, I cannot thank you enough for your blog. We ARE always teaching and I consider you a wonderful teacher that the Lord has in my life to teach me. Thank you for always sharing His truth.

Mrs. U

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