Saturday, August 11, 2007

Looking Foward...

With the new school year rapidly approaching I have been spending many hours planning our new school year, buying curriculum, browsing over teaching helps and brainstorming new ideas for my soon-to-be homeschool room. I am so excited because this year I can actually immerse myself much more into teaching the children than I had been able to the past two years due to pregnancy, birth of twins, illness, etc. Now I am free to plan many exciting projects, history timelines, lapbooks, science projects and field trips galore!

I found some great resources on organizing my file cabinets and also how to create stimulating bulletin boards and learning centers from utilizing my local library. The creative juices are certainly flowing!

For the first day of school we like to plan a party to celebrate. It usually consists of baking, a craft, filling up our school boxes relay races, etc. This year to spice things up I bought a kit of water balloons and told the children whoever doesn't get wet will get a special school prize. They are begging for school to start because of this.

Now I'd like to hear how you prepare for the coming school year (whether you homeschool or not) and any special preparations you do or you've learned not to do. Any worries or what you are looking forward to. Any special touches or traditions, no matter how small, please do share it!


Hannah said...

We began school today. We live where the winters are horrible and by the time May rolls around and teh snow is gone, we want to be out of doors.
A special breakfast of blueberry pancakes and a walk with Papa, before he left to work, was a great start to a very good first day.

Anonymous said...

This is the first year that I will be homeschooling and it will be my preschooler. My older one goes to 1st grade at a public school.

I am starting to pull things together but since I've never done it before it's taking me more then others. I found biblical alphabet so I will work on getting that set up. I have my household binder and will be tracking each week the materials we do.

I'm excited and grateful of the challenge.

God Bless,


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