Thursday, August 9, 2007

Our Hearts at Home

"Mother, without you, your home will crumble. My heart is an organ that cannot be seen from the outside. It is hidden away, but it is the most important member in my body. If my heart stops beating, I am finished. So it is with mothers. If our mother heart stops beating in the home, it will begin to fall apart. God wants us to order our families from the very center of the home. We are not to be on the periphery, running here and there, but in the recesses. My husband says, "If a woman has home in her heart, she will have heart in her home."

---Nancy Campbell

Here is a beautiful article to inspire you called 'The Beauty of Being Home" by my dear friend, Mrs. Rhonda Devine.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

    I love being at home not just so I can get past the basics - that too, of course - but to also enjoy the basic! Hanging laundry is so much nicer when unhurried, when you can smile and think that you are doing another small thing for your precious family.

  2. This was very good to read. I always want to get past the basics and she's right--running around is what keeps you from doing it. And then you feel unsatisfied and wonder why.


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