Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Memoirs-Leaving A Legacy

I have always wanted to leave a legacy behind for my children in my writings and share my hearts hopes and beliefs that I had for them one day and for my precious grandchildren and great grandchildren for that matter. That these beloved people in my life could open up the pages of a book made just for them complete with thoughts and dreams I had for each and every single one of them. That they could refer to a page on a certain topic and know just what mom or grandma (and great grandma) thought about that topic.

Imagine if you could, if you had lost your grandmother and wished to hear from her heart years later and to find this book laying around with dust on it. You wipe off the dust off the jacket and open it. Behold! Before you, page after page of grandma's most intimate thoughts and advice. Her heart is written on every page. She has even written about you! It is the most valuable possession you could ever own now that she is gone. You will treasure this book forever.

When I pass away they can look through this precious book and still feel I was there in spirit and could still hear my hearts thoughts. They could still have me around, even though I was called home to heaven.

And here is the surprise----I am doing this with my blog. I will be printing out the pages and inserting these into scrapbooks with pictures so my children (and theirs) will be blessed one day. Surely I will be adding more private things in their special books but I am glad that this blog (my heart and thoughts) will continue on to several generations in my family to bless them, encourage them and spur them on in the Lord.


Joy said...

Yes!!!! This is what I am doing with mine too!! I want to be a blessing and encouragement to other women, but I also want to leave a legacy to my children, and grandchildren, and great...

How often I have wished that I had diaries or cookbooks or anything like that from my grandmothers. I don't know if my daughter or future grand-daughters will want that, but it will be there for them if they do :)

I'm enjoying reading your blog and I'm glad that your legacy is out there for us all to share :)

I'm going to comment on my blog about this entry...



Rhonda Devine said...

Great idea, June! My grandmother has kept a diary for many, many years and I have told her I get first dibs on them!

Anonymous said...

I love your ideas about home making, and for more than 20 years I have done that, but what happens when it's impossible to maintain the marriage, and you find yourself fending for yourself? Wouldn't it be better to stay employable throughout, so that if the worst happens, you can look after yourself?
Melinda in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Melinda,

My personal thoughts about this topic are that my preference with my own family is to stay at home. There is much for me to do here, and my husband feels the same and works hard so that we can do that. About 'staying employable throughout' I am not sure what you mean, are you saying to work throughout the entire time you are home? I know for a fact that if by some unforeseen circumstances I would have to seek outside work that I would be very employable. Do not under estimate the fact that a homemaker is not employable because she chooses to stay home. It does not mean that she discontinues to educate herself or 'lacks skills' to survive in the real world. In fact by staying home she has gained many other valuable skills and still able to bless her family abundantly.

There are many avenues a homemaker might take if she should find herself in the work place. She does not have to seek a typical 9 to 5 either. She could open a daycare or private school in her home. If she is musically talented she could teach private lessons or privately tutor in a subject of her strength. Truly the sky is the limit in whatever her abilities might be.
I firmly believe education does not stop because we are married and have families, and we definitely should not limit ourselves by thinking so.

I am so very sorry to hear about your marriage. I do not know all the circumstances of your marital situation but I will be praying for you and also that you would be able to support yourself during this time. Thank you for your question, I truly appreciate the honesty in which you approached this subject.

Many blessings...

Anna S said...

Great idea! I think I might do this with my blog as well. I keep a *real* journal on paper, too, and have all my poetry notebooks safely tucked away in their separate shelf!

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