Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Would Die For That---Blessed Motherhood

A great video I found at Anna's Musings, very powerful---it will make you cry!

I usually don't watch these kinds of videos, but this one is worth it.

(Don't forget to turn off music on left sidebar!)


Hey Yall... said...

awwww. My two little girls(4,3) and I just watched this video while having tea. I lived the words to that song from 1996-2003. My oldest just asked me why I was sad. I told her "no, mommy is joyful, it just comes out in tears sometimes."

Ron and Ginny said...

Well! All I can say is that I had to post about this on my blog:


Dawn Marie said...

Yeah, I already cried once when I watched this on Anna's blog, so I don't want to cry again...LOL. I was trying to post it on my MySpace blog but it wouldn't let me. Oh well.

*passes the box of tissues to the next person* ;)

Kim said...

I'm in tears. I couldn't have children, we tried for 8 years. Finally the Lord granted my fondest wish. I have 4 adopted children. The words "I would love what some would give up" are really true. I adore my kids and wouldn't trade them for the world. Yes I would die for them.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

The words "I want to know what its like to bring a dream to life" is so meaningful and profound to me.

*taking the tissue box gratefully and then passing it to hey yall*

It makes you want to hold the little ones tighter and appreciate even more the great gift the Lord has given.

Ron and Ginny--I hope you are doing better---thanks again for sharing something so beautiful and private with us on your blog. My heart cries out with you and my prayers are for you. Keep your heart and eyes focused on God's goodness and sovereignty in all things.

Also, I was glad to see she put other options in her video such as adoption, etc. This gives great hope and so many children need homes. We often talk of adoption--

Kim--what a wonderful story. I just watched primetime last night that chronicled stories of adoption called 'Family Secrets'---there was a family that had adopted 3 beautiful daughters. There should be more programs that allow for those who do not have enough money to adopt to raise funds so that these children could find homes and that parents can find their children. I know alot of good Christian people would like to adopt if it were not for the high cost. Makes you sad to know that a child is waiting somewhere for a home but potential parents cannot adopt because they cannot afford it.


Marci said...

We have tried for 28 years to get pregnant. Praise the Lord, He allowed us to adopt a son who is my special gift from God. We have tried many other adoptions that fell through for some reason or other. This really hits a tender spot. However, I can say... God has been enough. You can read about our story and the song I wrote at www.amazinggrazefarm.com/aboutus.html

To God Be The Glory said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG! The LORD sent me something special in your blog and I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I am a young wife and mother and posts are very encouraging to me. I greatly appreciate everything in your blog and will enjoy continuing to read it in the days to come. I really like the song you have playing in the background, too. Thank you for blessing me!!


Mrs. U said...

This is a wonderful song!!! The Lord never allowed us to conceive, but He has given us the MOST WONDERFUL little girl!!! We brought her home from China in March and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being her mother!!!! I cannot believe how strong the love is that I have for her!!!

He is good and He does good!!

Mrs. U
(praying that the Lord would provide for us to adopt MANY more!!!)

Karen (Canadian Soldier's Wife) said...

Oh... wow, that is beautiful.

Raising Children Of Virtue said...

Hi June, Not sure how I stumbled upon this post of yours. Sitting here in tears. Beautiful song. You know they missed a group of us out there. Those husbands and wives, completely fertile who made the wrong decision by getting either tubes tied or husband having a vasectomy. A decision I have lived to regret. But tell anyone I have a chance to who is thinking of doing it to NOT do it! Huge huge huge mistake...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song and sad. It makes me weep to see people Blessed with children that don't care for them.Every summer I hear people complaining that they can't wait for school to start back up so they can get rid of the children. I ALWAYS tell these people that I LOVE having my children with me as they are a BLESSING.
My heart aches for couples that can't have children and that it is SOO expensive to adopt.

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