Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Family Devotionals

A Christian home can be rich with many things indeed, but nothing compares to the home that gathers together as if it were a church itself and seeks out the sweet fellowship of one another. There is nothing quite like a home that joins together to open the Word of God to dig deeply to find the treasure that lies within. There is no more exciting conversation that what lies in a child's mind as he ponders over the wonders of creation or as he weighs the meaning of the cross out in his young mind.

Sweet fellowship among family members is one that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The time spent in the riches of worship, study and discussion are incomparable to anything else this bleak, dark world has to offer. This sacred time will be remembered as the child grows into an adult and looks back fondly upon his childhood to find this momentous occasion repeated throughout his memory.

There are a number of ways to enjoy the blessings of this sacred time and by no means should it ever become monotonous! Our family has engaged in everything from coloring pages to plays to role playing in our special worship time. If you think outside the box there are numerous ways to enjoy creative family worship times that will bless our households. There is only one component that should never change and that is that dad should always lead.

And finally, one last important word to the wives. Be patient with your husband regarding his leading his home spiritually. It is not easy for men to start new routines they are not used to. Be patient the way God has been patient with you in your spiritual walk and encourage him. The most powerful thing you can do is pray for him to be the godly leader God created hom to be. This takes time and patience...but remember always that the wise woman knew how to build her house.
"Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his footstool, He is holy." Psalm 99:5


Lore said...

What a wonderful message. We read it with my husband and it touched us. We have been trying for a long time to establish a routine of family worship, we usually have worship the 3 of us (my two kids and me) when my husband leaves for work but our goal is to be consistent in having worship daily and all 4 of us, and as you said it the husband should lead. We start with worship but after a few days it all crimbles. I really think it is because we make it monotonous. Think outside the box is what we need. Thanks for your post, it really inspired us. Do you have any ideas for worship with toddlers??

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

I do an almost daily teaching of scripture to the children too but that is separate from the family devotionals. As for toddlers and worship I would suggest using instruments, letting them pick songs they like or singing songs they know and maybe clapping to the music. Whatever you think would work to make them feel included. As far as sitting in the devotional I would suggest letting them look at Bible picture books, playing quietly beside you or if they become tired to lay them down. It depends on the age range and what your child is capable and what time of the day you'll be doing it. Whatever the case, be prayerful, ask God to guide you and ask your husband what he thinks could be helpful as well. Thank you for commenting!

Nikki said...

My hubby reads scripture...we pray together (each take a turn, ages 6,5, and 2)...and the children take a turn "leading" us in a special worship song. It's simple...it's fun...and they are learning a ton:-)

Sierra said...

Hey, I was wondering where you got your "family Worship" picture. I love that picture. Please email me at sflonestar@clearwire.net or leave a comment at feminismtofaithfulness.blogspot.com

Cookie said...

Oh, Mrs. June I love this post! I do admit it takes a lot of strength to be patient and to wait for the husband to lead spiritually but I know God's not done yet with our family. Thank you for this beautiful post. Be blessed always!

linda rice said...

If I am too patient, my kids will be grown and out of the house if I wait for my husband to be the spiritual leader I desire him to be. We have talked about it and we both agree that he needs to be the spiritual leader...but it just doesn't happen. Our 2 oldest are almost out of the house and they have missed out. Maybe I need to pray more, I have to admit that I haven't prayed a whole lot for my husband. I have prayed for him, but not continuously....when I do, I get impatient and get frustrated when I see no results and seems like a waste of my time and emotions. So it's easier to go on w/o much prayer. I know I sound like a fool!

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