Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beautiful Girlhood

I love being able to watch my little Joy Noelle, who is now four, frolicking around the house hosting a tea party, dancing in her red sparkly shoes and spinning around in long lacey dresses. She is a constant reminder to me that girls are born feminine and love the things that promise just that. In an egalitarian world, it is much more of a challenge to raise our daughters to be feminine in a culture that teaches we are 'to be equals to men'. Who in their right mind would want such a thing?

Instead, my approach is to teach my daughters to love the things that are feminine. This is how God created them. To love children, to love their homes, to love a husband one day. To serve in a capacity that God called them. To teach them ettiquette and refinement and to love modesty. To be pure in heart so that the word of God would not be blasphemed and to cultivate a heart of servanthood that reflects the heart of Jesus Christ.

I want them to be captivated by the Kingdom of Heaven and live their lives on earth with their hearts turned toward the Lord, not towards rock music, peers or being entertained. When they dress I want them to think about the Lords standard in dress, modesty and inward beauty. That their decision in clothes should not' cause their brother to stumble'. Because they are learning that what they wear reflects their Savior and they want to represent Him well.

My girls are being taught that they are treasures to save one day for the husband the Lord might bring into their lives. That they should share this treasure with no one, for it is priceless and only belongs to that special man the Lord will bring in His perfect timing.

They are also taught that they are world-changers. They know they can impact the world through their actions so therefore they must be wise and discerning and applying the Word of God to all dimensions of life. They know they might raise up an army for God one day so they must learn to love and care for children and they practice with their siblings in the mean time. They know they might raise up pastors, deacons and great evangelists for the church so they are learning a preparing for that as well. It takes time to do this, so I must be available to mentor and disciple them in the process. I cannot rely upon others to do this for me. Not the church, not youth group, but me---the one God put perfectly in place to love, teach and train. I would never give these precious pearls to another----NEVER!

It is a blessing to raise daughters! It's even more blessed when you have a vision for them and way down the road. Pray that the Lord will give you and your husband a great vision for your daughters and the mighty work they will do today and tomorrow for our Lord Jesus Christ so that He will be exalted!


Help meet said...

"A vision for them and a way down the road." Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am blessed to have a baby girl and am amazed already at how different (more feminine) she is from her brother. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, but everything in culture today says that boys and girls are the same. Thats definitely not true! I know I'll see even more evidence of this as she grows. I am grateful that God has given me such a beautiful gift in this (right now) tiny little package, but I must admit thinking about raising a Godly young lady today seems monumental!
(ps as you might have guessed already, the lateness of the hour I'm writing this, would be because of baby!)

Brenda said...


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