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Unknown said...

Hi, I am reaching out to the homeschooling communities because I have developed a language curriculum system of workbooks that teaches systematic phonics, reading fluency, printing and cursive skills, vocabulary building, creative writing, root words, sentence parts, editing, and essay skills. This is a program that teaches preschoolers on up to adults. I developed it after teaching language skills for many years trying to find ways that helped students to acquire the foundations of language with ease. I have done this through the use of colours. This makes learning very visual which aids in identifying certain components of the language system. I also have developed workbooks for French. I also am able to Skype with students around the world. If anyone is interested, I can be reached at or I would be happy to send you some samples of this curriculum. :)

PennyTheBean said...

It's great to see Christian women who love to stay home!
I have a new blog and would love for you to come check me out @
I have a post on homeschooling that you might like...

Francine Heykoop said...

Right at the beginning me and my husband decided I was going to be a stay at home wife and mum Since 29 year now,I am 58 now don't regret it.


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