Monday, November 15, 2021

The NEW 2021 Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner!

Do you struggle with homemaking?

Are you looking to get more organized in the coming year?

As a homemaker of nearly 30 years to a large family I know how important it is to have an organized home and life. If things are not the way I need them to to be to function, things can easily fall apart at the seams!

Over the years I really realized the importance of organization and planning and what a difference they can make in my day. It can really "make" or 'break"my entire week.

I am so grateful when I find something that can really help homemakers especially in the long run--not just because we need help now, but we also need that help to last. That is where The Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner 2021 comes in---it was created by a mom just like you and me who really knows and understood what our needs are!

Can you see what she has added on the cover?

"My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. "    ~Exodus 33:14

What a much needed reminded in the midst of our busy homemaking days!

Planners are awesome because they keep everything in order and also help to:

1. Keep your goals in front of you.

2. Keep you organized.

3. Help you to be efficient and not waste time.

4. Help you execute what needs to be done and helps you to take action!

Here is what is officially included in a nutshell...

The 5.5" x 8.5" Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner is divided into the following seven tabbed sections:

Weekly Layout

· Two-page spread with entries for each day

· Menu planning & To-do list

Monthly Calendar

· Two-page month view

Year Calendars

· 2022 and 2023 calendars with place for notations

Shopping List

· Perforated shopping list

Task List and Project & Events Sections

· Untitled pages for you to customize for your own duties and ideas


· Short-term information that is relevant to 2022

Here is a peek of the inside:

You can see more of the page layouts HERE.

 This year they are even offering FREE menu-planning worksheet downloads! Woohoo!

I truly believe that many of you out there will benefit from this planner all year long. It is a great place to plan out what needs to get done. Not only will you be able to organize your home, menus, projects and more, but you will find that getting all of this done on paper can help get your life under control and bring more peace to your household. Things always run much easier and smoother with a plan in place!

You can also find them in our Wise Woman Christmas Gift Guide 2021 this year!


Right now you can get 20% off using promo code WW22!

You can find The Homemakers Friend Daily Planner 2021 at The Homemakers Depot!

I hope you find it to be a blessing to managing your life and home
for the upcoming new year!


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Regina said...

This is on my Christmas wish list because its the only planner I use now. Its my favorite!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Regina,

Yes, this is a very popular planner and a favorite for many of our readers!

Thanks for stopping by!


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