Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tween Girl Gift Guide

Are you looking for some gift inspiration with your tween girl?

It has been a joy having our four daughters - two are already adults and the precious time with them has really flown by so quickly. I am really making sure to try to spend time with the younger two and enjoy the short season I have with them. My second oldest daughter has a birthday today and turned 22! We are looking forward to sharing some time giving her gifts and having a cake.

So if you have a daughter and you are looking for some gift ideas we made this list just for you!

Let's take a look:

You can help them to grow strong in God's word this year with this Bible for Girls -

A camera so she can capture all the fun things in her life and learn some photography skills:

These pretty Fairy Lights would be cute for their bedroom - or these popular strip LED lights!

A beginner sewing machine can be fun to help teach new skills:

A pretty Journaling kit to get her thoughts and plans on paper:

A handy pretty backpack for when she is on the go:

A Girl's devotional for her to read and be pointed to God everyday -

A cute pop socket if she owns a phone;

Get her some trendy faith gear to share her faith:

A cross necklace that is personalized:

A good book, like this American Girl Baking book or Christian Fiction series for the book lover - see our list here:

A Hope and Love DIY pillow:

A fun gel pen set that can be used over and over:

A practical DIY quilt that she can use for years to come--we have still have ours that my oldest daughter did from a decade ago! They have different styles and varieties here:

Waterproof camera and video recorder which is kind of like a GoPro for kids:

Fun Bath bombs in the shapes of donuts and cupcakes for kids and come in a cute box:

A pretty jewelry stand to hold all the jewelry she owns (this one holds 92 earrings):

A comfy bean bag to lounge in:

A hoverboard or skateboard:

A ping pong retractable table set:

 A cute Letter board for encouraging inspirational quotes:

Lip gloss kit:

What are some of your favorite ideas?

Please share them in the comments below!

Note: This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the list.
HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY to your daughter.
Marilyn and Marion


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