Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Homemaker's Gift Guide

If you are a homemaker or know a homemaker you know that gifting them something to make their life easier can be a huge blessing to them and make their daily life easier.

I have been a homemaker for 27 years and I can attest that I am grateful when I find something that makes the day go smoother or when I can get a break from the daily routine. I love my job and that I get to make a home for those I love most and feel that it is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things a mother and wife could do.

So I thought that maybe someone out there needed some inspiration on what to give someone who is a homemaker and then this list was born! It includes things to make her life easier, give her a break, and make her home cozier and prettier. There is a little mix of everything for everyone on your list (even yourself!).

First and foremost, I would always recommend getting her a Bible. God's Word is priceless and giving her His Word would definitely be the ultimate gift!

I hope you find something you like---here it is:

Kate Spade Kettle

Magnolia Table Volume Two (available now for pre-order!)

Bread Maker - don't  you love the smell of fresh bread in your home? We do too!

Knotted pillow - why? Just because they are cute and trendy I had to add this link! 😂

Sheepskin rug - oh so soft and brings a warm feel to any room.

Pom pom blanket - keep her warm with this cute blanket or consider a weighted blanket as well.

Pioneer Woman cookbook - for new recipes and they are all on sale right now too!

Aprons (the first picture is a mommy and me set) the second one is from here:

Roomba - to keep those floors clean even when she is busy!

Weighted blanket - for a good night's sleep!

Restaurant gift card so she gets a break from dinner!

Or dinner and a movie!

Cast Iron Skillet  - to cook up a hearty meal for her loved ones. I even like the enamel coated cookware which is supposed to be even safer to cook on.

French Press Coffee Maker - to make a fresh brew to start her day!

Home Management: Plain and Simple book by Kim Brenneman - get for organization and tips!

Brava Jet Robot Mop - another great invention to keep your floor clean.


Sewing Machine - to create and mend.

2020 Planner - so she can plan her year out right.

Home Decor from Dayspring - to fill her home with pretty things and God's Word.

Dyson Stick Vacuum - an easy to use and light vacuum to keep her home clean.

Food saver - to help her stretch her dollar.

Coffee Warmer - because you know that her coffee will grow cold while she tends to all the things she needs to do and she will have to heat it up multiple times throughout the day.

Weekend away airbnb gift card or hotel!

Treat herself to a spa (giftcard) so she can pamper herself.

New clothes for her wardrobe -

Home Improvement giftcard -

Footmassager - to rest her feet.

Touchless automatic soap dispenser - because who doesn't love these?

kitchen tools mister - because they are fun to use.

Coffee or tea giftset - to add to her supply.

Amazon Prime Membership (begins at $39) -

Echo Show with screen -

KitchenAid Mixer with Mermaid Blue Lace Ceramic Bowl - this is a new one and I saw it at Best Buy the other day and it is gorgeous!

Vitamix - this can do everything you can think of!

Embossed Rolling Pin - what a cute rolling pin to have to make your cookies extra special!

Electric Kettle - to keep her water/coffee warm for her family or guests.

cookware - does she need an upgrade? Be sure to check!

Hammock -  to rest after the days work is done!

Instant pot (see my post on accessories I never knew existed) -

Spice gift set - to add to her pantry.

Rae Dunn collection - so cute and fun!

 Two -tiered Wooden tray: to add to your counters and fill with cute things or even food.

Soy Candles - for a cozy atmosphere!

Do you have anything you would like to add to the list?

Please share in the comments below.

Happy shopping!

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Note: This post contains affiliate links - thanks for your support!

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