Saturday, December 7, 2019

Gift Ideas that Will Help Keep Your Child Active

Are your children spending too much time on the couch?

On a tablet?

On video games?

On their phone?

Well, you aren't the only one! I know that many of you are looking for gift ideas to keep your child active. Especially with all the hours they sit in school or do homework, the last thing you want is for them to do is come home and sit some more.

So we wanted to pull together a list of some "active" gift ideas, if you know what I mean. We hope they will inspire you and give you some ideas of your own:

1. Sports balls

2. Pogo Stick

3. Climbing Wall

4. Swing set

5. Zip Line

6. Trampoline

7. Dome Climber

8. Basketball Net Set

9. Bouncing house

10. Jump rope

11. Bicycles

12. Skateboard

13. Fitbit to track running and walking

14. Ping Pong set for any table

15. Badminton set

16. Gym/ workout set/ weights

17. Treadmill

18. gym or YMCA membership

19. karate/ballet classes (we have "Ninja" classes by us where they do stunts like the American Ninja Warrior TV show)

20. Frisbee

21. Giant Rolling Wheel

22. Happy Hoppers

23. Soccer set

24. Scooter

25. Tummy Scooter

26. T-ball set

27. Foam Pogo Jumper

28. a pet dog (to take on walks and run with)

29. Sleds

30. baseball set

31. Lawn games

32. Potato sacks

33. Bowling bowl and accessories

34. Running shoes

35. Swing saucer

What are some of your favorite active toys?

Please share them in the comments below.

We hope this list was a blessing to you!

Note: This post contains affiliate links---thanks for your support!

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