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How to Make a Resurrection Garden for Easter

Are you thinking about projects that you can do with your kids this year to keep the focus on Easter?

I have shared a bit about how to make a Resurrection Garden in the past, but wanted to share an official post with you.

We have been doing this for years and every year it looks a bit different and we use different colors. It helps the children to stay focused on the real meaning of it all!

The pictures in this post is of the first garden we have ever made. I will have to add an updated one later!


  • bowl
  • soil
  • rocks
  • grass or moss
  • small clay pot or can
  • small plants (optional)
  • small branches or twigs
  • yarn


1. Get a round bowl, could be flat like ours and fill with soil.

2. We used landscape rocks to make a path to the tomb--and do you see the rock inside? Well, that, my 9 year old daughter explained, is where they would have laid Jesus' body and NOT on the floor. 

3. We put some ivy and plants and even some fake grass (I didn't think grass seeds would grow in time, yes, I'm impatient!) and never mind the sweet, hungry neighborhood boy in the background who stopped by for dinner. :)

Aren't they cute?

Here is a close up--can you see the three crosses? 

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. 

 ~John 11:25-26

4. The children found sticks in the yard and created the three crosses with yarn. I usually use this as a centerpiece at our Easter celebration either indoors or outdoors on the deck. 

5. Don't forget to add a large rock or piece of wood (which worked perfect for us ) to cover the tomb.

6. This is an optional step--in recent years we saw a great idea online and it was to write on the rocks with permanent marker different sins we could think of like lying, murder, hate, etc. I think I have a pic of that somewhere, I will have to try to find it for you! When people visited they took notice and many more people commented on it. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial!

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Jessica said...

I love this idea! Thank you for sharing!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

You're welcome, Jessica, glad it was a blessing to you!


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