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Christian Mystery Books for Kids

Are you looking to help your children get some more reading in this winter?

You might want to pull them away from from the TV and video games and give them a good book to cozy up with instead.

I remember growing up and how I just loved reading a good mystery book!  Back then I had read all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books I could find--and when I read the entire collection, I would start all over again. Such great memories of my childhood. You better believe that when my children learned to read those were some of the first mystery books I introduced them to!

And today I wanted to share some special mystery books with you. These have a Christian worldview so are safe for you children and they will even learn to grow in faith and some of the books even teach some Bible history along the way.

Here are a few I wanted to share with you--they range in age and some are for older children as well:

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

There are several books in this series:

The Beginning -Book 1
Race to the Ark - Book 2
The Great Escape - Book 3
Journey to Jericho - Book 4
The Shepherd's Stone - Book 5

The Scripture Sleuth

There are 5 books to choose from:

Concord Cunningham the Scripture Sleuth
Concord Cunningham Returns: The Scripture Sleuth 2
Concord Cunningham on the Case
Concord Cunningham Coast to Coast
Concord Cunningham Pursues the Clues


Books in this series are:

The Assassination Plot - Book 1
The Willoughby Bank Robbery - Book 2
The Missing Diamond - Book 3
The Phantom Airplane - Book 4

Sugar Creek Gang Books

Books in this series are:

Jed Cartwright and the Dangerous Journey - Book 1
Jed Cartwright and The Lost Gold Mine - Book 2
Jed Cartwright and The Comanche Raiders - Book 3
Jed Cartwright and The Lighthouse Mystery  - Book 4

The Mandy Series Collection

The books in this series are:

The Mandie Collection: Volume 1
The Mandie Collection: Volume 2
The Mandie Collection: Volume 3
The Mandie Collection: Volume 4
The Mandie Collection: Volume 5
The Mandie Collection: Volume 6
The Mandie Collection: Volume 7
The Mandie Collection: Volume 8
The Mandie Collection: Volume 9
The Mandie Collection: Volume 10
The Mandie Collection: Volume 11

and more!

The Farm Mystery Series

The books in this series are:

Footprints in the Barn - Book 1
The Mysterious Message - Book 2
Midnight Sky - Book 3
Who, Me? - Book 4
Weighty Matters - Book 5
Where There's Smoke - Book 6
The History Mystery - Book 7
Lights Out! - Book 8
Trapped - Book 9
The Case of the Missing Man - Book 10

Baker Family Adventure Series

Books in the series are:

Summer of Suspense - Book 1
Peril on Providence Island - Book 2
Riddle of Ruby Ring - Book 3
The Treacherous Trail - Book 4
Prisoner of the Pyrenees - Book 5
Iceland Intrigue - Book 6
Hunting in the Highlands - Book 7

Jed Cartwright Adventure Series

Jones and Parker Case Files (Adventures in Odyssey)

There are a ton of books in this series--over 150 titles! The first 19 are by the original author.  I will list the first five by name:

You can get them in sets too:

They are also available for audio too. 

Do you have any favorite Christian mystery books that you would like to add?

Please share them with us in the comments below.

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LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Pinned. My kids are 'too old' for these (at least my 'boys' - 22 and 20). But my daughter may enjoy the Nancy Drew series and several of the others. And then there's always grandchildren ... YEARS from now, when I'm old enough! LOL

Janine said...

We loved all five scripture sleuth books and the sugar creeck gang! The DVD of 5 sugar Creek gang shows is great for kids 10+ and follows the book fairly well, too.

Anonymous said...

WE read the Nancy Drew series and loved them. Read a few of the newer ones they were good but not as good as the original ones. The whole Mandie collection is in our library. Nice read. The Bobbsey twins and Honey Bunch series are great reads too. Judy Bolton and Beverly Gray series are nice too. The Christy and Sierra series by Robin Gunn are christian reads for older children. Thank You for the list. Some of the titles are unfamiliar but worth looking into.
Joan,Marilyn and Marion

Anonymous said...

Here are some more great mysteries: "The Box Car Kids Series,"The Northwest Adventures" series and "The American Girl Mysteries" series.
Joan,Marilyn and Marion

Natalie said...

The Adventures of the Northwoods by Lois Wailfrid Johnson my sister and I loved them.


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