Saturday, January 1, 2022

How to Use a Budgeting Planner to Reach Your Financial Goals for 2022

Is 2021 the year you want to take control over your finances?

Yes, it is going to take some discipline and knowing where you are at, but you can do it!

Here are a few tips that might help if you write them down. Seeing everything in one place is very helpful and gives you the wide picture. Having everything in one place, like in a budget planner can help immensely.

Let's begin:

1. Know what your budget it and stick to it - get it all down on paper and allocate different categories like food, clothing, bills, etc. Make sure you and your spouse are on the same page.

2. Reduce Debt - Find out what your debt is especially that has the highest interest. See if you can get that lowered in any way and start a plan of how to start paying that down or maybe you have smaller debt that you can pay off quicker, some people prefer to do that so they can see results more quickly and that helps them gain momentum to stay on course.

3. Start saving for an emergency fund - some financial experts say to have at least one thousand dollars for a rainy day.

4. Tithe - don't forget to add tithing in!

5. Helping others - you might have some goals to help someone or donate money to a cause, be sure to plan for that too.

6. Saving for future - while you are planning for the present, don't forget to also have a long term financial plan to reach your goals.

7. Cut spending in other areas - is there anything you can cut out like cable or eating out? Pray about what you don't need and make adjustments.

8. Write down where your money is going - it helps to know where every penny is being spent!

To track everything I recommend using a Monthly Budgeting Planner. Here are a few that might be helpful: 

This one has:

  • Account tracker
  • Monthly savings tracker
  • Debt payment log
  • Check ledger
  • Monthly Budget Worksheet

  • You can find it HERE.

    This budget book will definitely help to manage all your personal finance, savings, budgets, debt, payments, bills due, cash flow and expense tracking. By using this budget planner, you can become a personal finance and budgeting expert.

    You can find it HERE.

    Each daily log and monthly tracker for variable cost, fixed Cost includes :
    -Monthly Finance Budget for 12 month to look overall your personal or home budget every month
    -Bill payment tracker bill payment for fixed cost
    -Daily log for expense tracker


    This one can be found HERE.

    Find this one HERE.

    Find this one HERE.

    This one comes with a ton of things, several different colors and is a best seller by Clever Fox with over 10,000 reviews. 

    You can find it HERE.

    You can find many more styles HERE!

    How are you organizing your finances for 2022?

    Do you have any financial goals?

    Please share them with us!

    Note - this post contains affiliate links, thanks for your support!

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