Thursday, January 2, 2020

30 Days of Prayer for the New Year

When I became a young Christian I had participated in many different areas of ministry trying to see what area I liked best. I remember doing some door greeting, children's ministry, and many other areas but the area that I always fondly look back to is the time when I was part of a special prayer team at our local church.

This ministry was two-fold. One part of this ministry was being a volunteer at the prayer altar so when the pastor called people up to pray they would have a partner to pray with. That was wonderful--I loved it and it was such an eye opener to see that not everyone had it all together and desperately needed God. That really changed my perspective of how I viewed people early on and it was such a blessing to be able to pray for people (sometimes even on their knees crying) and connect with people on such a deep level where they needed someone the most.

The second part of this ministry that I just LOVED was that when our pastor preached a team of us would be behind the stage sitting on chairs and praying for him, the sermon, the congregation and whatever else the Lord placed on our hearts. It was a wonderful time and I will never forget it.

And throughout all the years I have always prayed to God in my head all throughout the day. It is something I just can't NOT do!

That is why I wanted to share this "30 Days of Prayer for the New Year" for you to print out.

You can do this along with me for the month of January or any other time of the year!

Let's begin, shall we?


 1. Prayer for myself

2. Prayer for my husband

3. Prayer for my children

4. for my home

5. for work

6. for health

7.  my finances

8. for my ministry

9. for my children's school

10. for God's provision

11. from temptation

12. for extended family members

13.  for friends

14.  for our church and it's members

15. for the lost

16.  for the governing authorities

17. for wisdom

18. for our country

19. for forgiveness of our sin

20. for holiness and purity

21. give thanks and praise to God

22. for other believers

23. for challenges we face

24. for the fruit of the Spirit in our lives

25. for humility

26. for your neighborhood

27. for obedience

28. for repentance

29. for healing

30. for the gospel to go out into the world

Extra Day:  Special Prayer Day - since there are 31 days in January you can pray for everything shown in the calendar or say a special prayer for something you'd like to pray about.

Here is an example of how you could fill your calendar in if you'd like to:

You can use this list for the whole year if you'd like!

Also, if you would like to be inspired in your prayer life or want to learn how to prayer strategically you might want to check out the book The Battle Plan of Prayer by the Kendrick brothers.

You can find it HERE. 

Many of you love praying AND writing your prayers out in a Prayer Journal. Here are a few cute ones:

"She is Clothed with Strength and dignity" Christian Journal can be found HERE. 

You can find this one that has modern calligraphy in it HERE.

I hope these are a blessing to you!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."     ~Phillipians 4:6

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sue donaldson said...

This is great, June, as our pastor is preaching on prayer through January. I will share w/ our groups. Note: when I went into print the lovely calendar, it automatically allows 21 pages of printing instead of just the calendar. Can that be fixed on your end? I caught it and only printed the one page. Have a great day today praying for your Work (me, too!) always more work to be done!

mccoyleministries said...

Thank you so much for this printable. Love your blog.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Thank you, Sue! There are instructions on just how to print the calendar directly below the calendar image. Hope that helps!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Thank you for stopping by, Peggy! Your welcome!

Unknown said...

Good day. Thank you so much for the free printable. Was wondering if there's one out for Feb already?

Amy said...

Thank you for the tools for prayer, bible study, and planning to start off the year!

Lisa - Daily Christian Prayer said...

Great list of prayers! This will bless so many people who need a little help in getting direction when it comes to prayer. God bless you! :)

Nathan The Prayer Warrior said...

I lovvvveeee printables. Specifically prayer printables! Yeah! Its not just for women. ;) Thank you! There is just something about having the printable in your hands. God bless you for doing this!


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