Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Visit to the Gen2 Conference & Creation Museum

We got a chance to visit the Gen2 Conference (a conference for Christian leaders) and the Creation Museum last weekend as family. It was great fun and the kids enjoyed traveling, learning new things, and the hotel stay. We were also glad that we got to go to the the conference with some our families from our church.

I personally wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it at first. Our now 9 month old, Isabella, did NOT enjoy car rides even around our neighborhood so I didn't think that she would do well on a four hour car ride out. It turned out that she did pretty well---it was a bit of work at first to help her to get used to the length of the ride but on the way home she slept the entire ride home. Soooo glad about that!

Now the conference was held in the Creation Museum but that was not the first time we had visited it. We had visited several years back when they had first opened and many of our younger children were still in strollers and did not remember it all. I was happy that they all had a chance to visit again while they are older and can remember more of it.

One of the keynote speakers at the conference was Ken Ham:

Here is a link to the conference and speakers in case you'd like to attend one in the future.

(I like this verse)

 "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—
His eternal power and divine nature—
have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made,
 so that people are without excuse." Romans 1:20

I wish that I had time to figure out my settings on my phone because I definitely need one of those anti-shake settings. I noticed a lot of pictures that I took looked a bit blurry and it is not because of my phone. My husband bought me a brand new phone for Christmas but I haven't taken the time to figure out all the settings just yet. Maybe someday like when the children are all older!

Here I am being eaten by a dinosaur:

(See it above? Okay, it is not really eating me or Baby Bella--but still)

My girls enjoyed walking around the museum after sitting in the sessions:

My younger kids especially liked sitting in on the Men in White
movie where they were sprayed with water.


 A couple of my boys found a friend:

(Notice how my older son is acting cool like the dinosaur is not there)

And they also found a little one too:

It was a blessing to see some blogging friends that I only see every once in a blue moon like at these conferences--I especially enjoyed getting to chat a while with Kelly and meet her husband too. She taught on the women's panel on motherhood. It was an blessed time for all and I know that many women (including myself) were greatly encouraged.

When I am at these conferences there are usually people who know our family because of the blogs. I am so glad when you introduce yourselves! This past conference a sweet lady and her husband introduced herself and wanted to let me know that because of what she has read it has helped her to make the decision to come home and take care of her children. What a blessing that is to hear! (I also love meeting each and everyone of you so don't be shy! I sometimes get emails from readers who say they saw us and wanted to meet us. Just know we would love to meet you too so be sure to stop by and say 'hi' next time.)

Now one of the important issues that was mentioned at the conference is the concern about this generation going wayward when confronted with questions about their faith. I believe it is so important to help our children understand how to respond when the questions come at them in the future and so I feel it is important to teach them apologetics. I try to cover some of that in our Bible study time and as we address current issues in the world today.

But I also want you to let you know that Answers in Genesis bookstore (also owned by Ken Ham) is a great store chock full of resources that help equip them with what they need to know in case their faith comes under attack. I own several of their books and use them for our homeschool and everyday type of reading. I especially enjoy these books and find them very helpful in answering some of the harder questions that my children might want to know:

 You can also visit their store HERE

I hope you enjoyed our pictures

 and reading a bit about our weekend!

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