Saturday, August 24, 2013

Internet Access and Our Children

I read this great post today with some wise words about our children and internet access that got me thinking about how much help we really need in this area as parents.

It is such an important topic because so many of us are really finding our way with just how much freedom we allow in an online world that can be so helpful and educational yet so completely dangerous at the same time.

Some of you might be feeling like, "Where is the manual for all of this--did I miss it? And how do I control my kid online?"

In our family of 8 children we have learned through trial and error, as many parents out there have, but have found that with that extra time and effort and vigilance that saying "no", setting up boundaries of time spent online, using parental controls, having a buddy system, and some real life oversight played an important part in managing online time.

Here is an excerpt from a youth pastor from that post I was telling you about:

"I am just stunned by parents who give their pre-teen children iPhones and iPads with unrestricted Internet access."
We rightly claim that pornography is an addiction, but we don't seem to be challenging the dealers of this drug. Who are these dealers? Parents. Parents who foolishly give their teens (and pre-teens) free rein with their smartphones and by doing so have invited the world into their child's bedroom each night.
Some of you might think I am being a bit extreme, but after wrapping up another summer of youth retreats, my eyes have been opened once again to this absolute foolishness (there's no softer way to put it). The things our youth post on social media prove many things, and one is parental absence in this sphere."

As parents we really do need to be careful, I know that none of us have arrived in being perfect in this area (as every home and every child is different) but I definitely feel his words are a good reminder of what to be aware of and what to watch out for.

Read the rest of this important post HERE.


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1 comment:

Chris said...

Excellent post. A lot to ponder and boy do I need to address this in my home.
Thank for, friend.


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