Tuesday, January 13, 2009

He Is Mighty to Save

Isn't this what it's all about? I found this in my inbox earlier this week----

Mrs. Fuentes,

I wanted to thank you for your blog. Because of your blog I got curious about what it was to be a Christian so this Christmas I went to church for the first time in about ten years. I've been going steady for about a month now and last night, with the help of my new pastor, I accepted Jesus as my savior. I wanted to thank you for planting one of the seeds the blossomed into my new faith.


Allelujah! Amanda, you have made a decision you will never regret. I pray that the Lord will continue to help you grow closer to Him through all things whether thick or thin. This song is for you:

(If you click the box in the corner you can view this in full screen)

"In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents." Luke 15:10

UPDATE: Amanda has recently emailed me and has shared that the best part of the story is that she brought her fiance to church with her and he was saved as well!!! I got goose bumps just reading about it---God is SO GOOD!



Bethany Hudson said...

Wow! How inspirational! What an awesome testimony.

Joyful_Momma said...

PTL! What a blessing!

Toodlebugz said...

Welcome to the family.:O)
June,you are a wonderful example of a Titus 2 woman.Keep up the encouraging blogs.

Mama to 12, so far said...

praise God Amanda!!!!

BECKY said...

What a joyous occasion!! What a blessing for you to be a part of it! God is soooo good, isn't He?
Celebrating Amanda's new birth with you,

Dawn said...

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

Joyful blessings from Texas ~


Sandy said...

This sheds some new light on our 'wasting time' on our blogs. Most of us would write 1000 posts if we thought this would happen even once.

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! Welcome to the family :-)
Mrs Fuentes... keep up the good work!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

This is awesome!!! It's always great to hear when people give themselves to the Lord. Congratulations Amanda!!!

This is what happens when people like yourself June follows and allows the Lord to lead you. God Bless you!

Jennifer said...

Praising the Lord...and rejoicing with you - certainly that is the purpose of all we do (even blogging) to draw others to the Savior. Thank you for sharing such a blesssing.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...


I was floored when I just received another email from her a few minutes ago stating that the best part of her story was that she brought her fiance to church with her and he got saved too!


I am so stunned.

God is TOO GOOD.

Wouldn't you agree?

Many blessings...

iheartchocolate said...

I got goosebumps too! What a wonderful letter!

We are all inspired by your words.

~hon~ said...

Oh wow! I LOVE your blog! You are certainly a living testimony of GOD's love and grace. I LOVE the things on your sidebar. I have been following your blog for months now but then honestly, I've just focused on it today since there are just too many blogs I follow and busy days. I decided to visit every blog I follow today. And take my word for it...I will be a faithful follower from now on. I am just so humbled by your calling from GOD. A beautiful blog. You definitely encourage me to love GOD more and my fiance and our future children. Thank you, my dear friend, for making this blog.

Surely, it gave me the goosebumps, as well. GOD is oh-so-good! Actually, I think that's an understatement. HIS love and goodness for us is indescribable.


Anonymous said...

Very Inspirational!
June, thank-you for being that living example of a Titus 2 woman!
This blog is your ministry!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Praising the Lord with you! Yes, this is exactly what its all about!


Abounding Treasures said...

This is wonderful news! To God be the Glory ...

This demonstrates how our blogs can be a ministry to those who don't know our Saviour ...

May He be honoured and glorified by any that have blogs and seek to share a little of what He's done in their lives!

Blessings to you for your testimony on your pages :o)

Caroline said...

This is SO FANTASTIC!!!!! Praise the Lord for His great works.

And thank you for using the gifts God gave you to share His many blessings with the world.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful, June. Some dear friends used to say to us that ministry opportunities come as we faithfully obey the Lord each day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Fuentes!
I wanted to thank you and all of your readers for your warm welcome into Christ's family. Every day I feel more and more blessed, particularly today. I spent the evening having fun while praising His name with my new church group. It was great. I had no idea that life could be like this. I'm ending the evening by checking your blog and I'm so touched by all the kind sentiments here. I have such a hard time believing that I am now a part of this amazing community. I've never felt so included.
Thank you!

Tami @ This Mom's Delight said...

Praise our Lord!


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