Saturday, June 9, 2007

Teaching Boys Chivalry

Chivalry is defined in the dictionary as the code of behavior or ethics for knights, based on telling the truth, keeping one's word and protecting one weaker than himself. It is also defined as courtesy toward woman. Some might argue that chivalry is extinct or obsolete but I beg to differ. Chivalry lives on in the hearts of those who were taught these honourable virtues and by the fathers and mothers who raised them. Chivalry is a fundamental essential for our sons so that they would become true gracious gentlemen and noble modern day knights.

Here are some examples of chivalry:

1. Holding a door for a lady
2. Carrying something for a lady
3. Walking on the outer part of the sidewalk so to protect the lady from passing traffic
4. Standing when a lady walks into the room
5. Pulling out a chair for a lady before meal time
6. Giving a lady their jacket if it is chilly outside
7. Allowing ladies to go first in line
8. Giving your seat to a lady
9. Giving your life to save a lady (or another).

You get the picture. Chivalry is giving up ones comfort for another and reminds me alot of servanthood because we certainly see that type of heroic spirit here. True distinguished gentlemen came be spotted a mile away and stand out like a sore thumb, for they are not common like their counterparts who will not budge out of their slothfulness in the interest of attending others.

It can be a challenge training young sons to be valorous and knightly but in the end we will be rewarded with noble, courageous and honorable men that will one day bring glory to God and the heavenly realms.


Lori said...

I love this post. I think the moment I knew I was in love with my husband was when he opened a door for me! We are hoping to raise our two little boys in the same way.


Alkymisten. said...

Dear, lady Fuentes!

That you write about chivalry and raising boys was, great and noble.
You have to be a god mother.

You give us hope that chivalry is no total dead.

Chivalry, give goys and man, understanding of what thru manhood, is about. And self respect.

To lady Lori!

Thank you for lat us now that women, like chivalry. There women, shall be threat like a lady.
Many women don’t care about chivalry and many boys never had a father or a mother to teach them the beauty and power of chivalry.

My God bless you.


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