Thursday, December 14, 2006

Training Up Warriors

Good afternoon Ladies,

As we put God first in our heart we desire to raise up warriors in
His name for the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not just
enough to raise our children like the Jones' down the street. We live
in a culture today where the standard is to be substandard. At every
turn our children are bombarded with anti-God philosophies and attack
the very faith we are teaching them. Satan seeks to steal their
innocence, purity, and allegiance. In a world full of evil and
darkness, the question we ask is how do we begin training up warriors
for God?

We must begin with PRAYER. Such a task cannot be done alone. But with
God all things are possible. God will give us wisdom, power, strength
and everything we need. We must saturate our families in prayer and
be a people of faith, trusting God alone with the end goal. We must
ask Him to show us what needs to be changed and then to OBEY. Very
often this means tearing down the walls of what we have built and
starting brand new. Our God is a God that makes all things new.

Secondly, we must look to ourselves.

Yes, that is a hard one. The change must begin with us first and
foremost! We want to undertake the 'warrior-training-warrior'
mentality. Are we ourselves being warriors for His name? What better
training is there than under the wing of an experienced warrior?

You can only take a person as far as you've gone. Make the commitment
to adopt a warriors mindset for His glory. Pick up that out to the King...fall on your knees and
then on your face. Examine your heart. Repent. Stand up and start
anew. Set this day apart as the day you commit unto God to train your
children into soldiers for His Purposes.

Ask yourself, can my children think like Christians? Is their first
instinct ALWAYS Gods Word? This is where training begins, they must
be prepared for conmbat as soldiers fighting in a dark, evil world.
Are they skilled? Skilled in putting on their armor most diligently?
Prepared to perform with hearts of servants ready to live a life of
dying to self?

Let us cultivate in our homes a perfect breeding ground for raising
up His godly seed. As we look around our homes there might be things
that we might need to get rid of. There might need to be a change in
dress, attitudes, peers or lifestyles. There might be a need to get
rid of our excess materialism to make way for a simpler life. But
faithful mothers, we must be diligent. We must be discerning. We must
not conform to this earth that of which is not our home.

May I encourage you as we break down the altars to false idols we
have blindly built in our homes. Build up an altar to the Only Living
God the King and Creator in your sacred homes and worship Him for the
time is near when He will bring judgment.

May God bless you as you turn your hearts to Him and the family He
has entrusted you.

(Written in 2004)

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