Thursday, March 21, 2019

My Humble Home - Our Spring Projects

Aren't you so glad that it is spring now? I am so glad that winter is behind us and now we can enjoy nicer days!

The last few weeks I have been doing what I do every year around this time, and that is preparing my home for spring and our big Easter get together that we host every year. This includes a ton of spring cleaning!

I also like to replace and order new things that we need or could use around the house! Like the black  dresser pictured above  I bought that for my Joshua because the older boys took their dresser, pictured below, down to their newly remodeled room.

We spent months working on transforming our former homeschool room in the basement for our oldest boys. They are planning to college this fall and they are going to need a quiet room in the house to study. We  also bought matching new dressers for the younger boys that match the one above and shared more about it below.

Every year I also like to buy new spring flowers centerpieces that just cheer me up with their brightness. I am very visual so I love the pops of happiness they bring to our home. This pink and white tulip bouquet was a favorite:

I love these peach tulips in a vase:

And this multi-color arrangement for our dining room table. We like smaller centerpieces there so we can see each other. I put it on a pretty white plate.

Since I liked the pink and white tulips I ended up ordering a yellow bouquet for one of the bathrooms.

We also needed to replace a few appliances in my kitchen. Years ago I had a Cuisinart food processor that my husband had bought me. It lasted a long time and I wanted to replace it with the same brand. So I found this one and am quite happy with it.

One of the happiest purchases I made was trying out this cute Panini Maker. I really wanted something to make sandwiches more exciting even though we don't each them as much lately since we are doing salads and leftovers more often now. But when we do they are oh-so GOOD! This one below has removable plates that can just be popped into the dishwasher and a floating hinge to accommodate the size of your sandwich. It is also a 3-in-1 griddler and opens flat to grill.

My pressure cooker bit the dust so I had to replace it too. Here is the Instant Pot I have now. It is an 8 quart and really huge!

As mentioned earlier, the matching boys dressers in the younger boy's room. I really liked this set and glad I got them. My boys were also actually able to put them together themselves. My seventeen year old put the two below together and my 14 year old the one at the top of this post.

Here is where you can find the The Long black dresser and short black dresser

We have a long beautiful dining room table that seats our large family of 11 but two of our dining rooms chairs needed replacing so I picked up two of these. I like them because they are comfy and match our chairs.

Kids can be so hard on mini blinds! I recently had to replace the one in Bella's room and found this one that was perfect and a reasonable price:

I also needed a stand to hold our tablet charger in the front room, and ended up finding this one. It matches our front room perfectly. It would make a good night stand too.

We have been taking a ton of video around here and the kids are having so much fun with the GoPro 7 we bought for Christmas! We bought a kit with all the accessories to attach it to your head, chest, arm, in the water and more but our tripod needed to be replaced so I picked this one up. It is nice and sturdy and has held up to all the kids using it! One of our spring goals is for the kids to produce video and upload to their YouTube channel. It is fun to see them using it to do time lapses while they are cleaning.

Another spring goal is to eat healthier and exercise more. I replaced our mini trampoline so we could have this around the house again, this one seemed to work well for us and lasted quite a while. It's even foldable but we usually keep it open.  I love that the kids can just jump on it during school and get some energy out when they can't get use the outdoor trampoline and it holds up to 250 lbs.

I mentioned in my last Humble Home Spring Projects post that I had tried this solar paneled umbrella with built in lights out for the first time. What did I think of it? Our family LOVED it and used it out on our deck at night. It was beautiful and encouraged us to stay out there longer and  later which resulted in some great family memories.  I had to replace it this year, so I got a new one so we can enjoy it again this year too!

On top of these things, we are gearing up to do some serious organizing, decluttering and remodeling another room upstairs and some painting touch-ups around the house. We will also be sprucing up the outside of our house by putting in brand new roofs and siding. Spring is my favorite time of year and I am so glad that it is here!

Are you working on any spring projects?

We'd love to hear about them!

I hope it is a blessing to you!


Note: Images from Amazon. This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

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Anonymous said...

Love the new furniture!
Spring is one of my favorite times of year, too.
I love spring and fall.
Looking forward to seeing your kids video.
Thank you for the post; have a lovely spring!


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