Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Thanksgiving Movies for Childen

"What I love about Thanksgiving is that it's purely about getting together with friends or family and enjoying food. It's really for everybody, and it doesn't matter where you're from." ~ Daniel Humm

Are you looking for some safe movies for your children or grandchildren to watch for Thanksgiving this year?

We thought it might be nice to make a quick list that would be quick to access for the holidays to make some special memories for you and your family.

Here they are:


What are your favorite movies to watch on Thanksgiving?

Please share them in the comments below!

Note: This post contains affiliate links---thanks for your support.


Regina said...

My favorite An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving usually shown on the Hallmark Channel. We don't have cable so I don't get to see it anymore. We also enjoy the Peanuts Thanksgiving specials.

Tara Beechy said...

We love the Disney film Squanto: A Warrior's Tale. It's not exactly historically accurate, but it is very entertaining and clean!


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