Thursday, August 9, 2018

Service Projects You Can Do Together As a Family

I have been putting in plenty of hours preparing for homeschooling this year--I can't believe I only have 5 children this year to school (even though Bella will be doing some unofficial preschool with us). And something I got really serious about last year was doing service projects as a family.

It is fun to try something new and know that you are blessing someone in the process. It also helps the children to have an outward focus and practice the Bible verse of to "love one another".

You can plan to do one a month, one a week or whenever you'd like --whatever suits your family the best!

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

1. Give to a homeless shelter (donations or time).

2. Help an elderly widow with cleaning or her yard. 

3. Bless a single mom with something she could use (money, giftcard, free time, babysitting, etc.).

4. Pick up trash in the community. 

5. Bring someone a meal who needs it. 

6. Bake something and take it to a neighbor to just be friendly & kind. 

7. Write someone a letter (thank a soldier or to grandma and grandpa)

8. Participate in a church work day to help clean it up. 

9. Bring gifts to a children's hospital. 

10. Visit a senior citizen home and sing to them. Our homeschool had something like this at Christmas time and they would pass out Christmas cards and candy.

11. Create care bags to give to the homeless.

12. Create blankets that don't need sewing for Project Linus.

13. Have a garage sale and donate proceeds to a charity or your favorite cause. 

14. Stock up and donate school supplies when they are on sale to children who need them. 

15. Give extra clothes your children have grown out of to someone who could use it. 

16. Have a "random acts of kindness" day.

17. Donate food to a food bank. 

18. Host a neighborhood potluck and get to know your neighbors. 

19. Volunteer /donate at a women's shelter. 

20. Offer to pay for an elderly person, young family,  or a veteran at a restaurant - you can even do it secretly to bless them!

Here are a few resources you might like:

*This post contains my affiliate links--please see my disclosure policy. 

What other service ideas or acts of kindness would you add to this list?

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