Monday, August 6, 2018

My Humble Home: The Garden & Thoughts on Living Simply

My heart is always in my home. I love being here and feel blessed to be able to have the privilege to be a homemaker and watch my children grow up. That peony up above is from my garden and is my favorite flower. It grew so beautifully this year and I was so glad I was able to capture it.

I had bought these awhile back sometime in April for my kitchen. I love the message--just living simply. Why do we need to complicate things and make things harder on ourselves? Sometimes I think because we have so much more opportunity that we put more on us than we really need to. More technology, more to do. Just because the opportunity is there doesn't mean that it is the best for us. Sometimes just living simply is the good life. Just because I can, doesn't always mean I should. 

We can get so busy that it drowns out all the blessings around us--and that is why I love being at home. It helps me to center myself and get back to what really matters. 

(one of my hostas that produce blue flowers)

Our yard was filled with tons of fat little bunnies running around this year so we had to actually put a little fence around our garden to keep them out. The children had great fun chasing them all over the place. 

We caught this baby bunny and Bella was in love at first sight!

We have been having a ton of company over--it seems like we our kid's friends are always over here. I am glad that they will have fun memories of good times here in the home swimming, playing in the sprinklers, watching movies, catching fireflies at dusk, and laughing on the deck late into the night. 

The raspberry bush produced like crazy this year--what fun for the little kids to go and pick a quick snack. Sometimes I see the older ones over there too!

Our zucchinis grew extra large this year again--these are great on the grill with some olive oil, salt, and pepper! The kids always want to enter them into our local fair which just started up again. It takes about 1 and 1/2 of these to feed our family of 11.

I made sure to make some time to have tea with my daughter and this little critter this summer too. I don't want to miss this special moments by doing things I feel pressured to do, but don't really need to. 

We have had a handful of birthdays the last few months. It is so important to celebrate the ones  you love. It is not the big things but the little things that count.  My husband turned 46 and pictured above is one of his favorite dishes from this Mexican Restaurant we like to visit--it is a stuffed pineapple filled with all kinds of seafood. It is amazing!

Here was his simple cake--we are chocolate lovers in this family as you can see! 

I hope you enjoyed our pictures!

How are you enjoying your summer?


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful garden. Love the tea party , who wouldn't want to be a part of it.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

You are so right about loving simply. Bella and the baby rabbit make an adorable picture. Thank You for sharing.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The zucchini is gigantic. You must have good,rich soil. The tea party is so nice for children The guest is very well behaved. Bella is adorable.
God Bless You and Yours


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