Monday, April 2, 2018

Our Visit to Bass Pro Shop with Nana

Last week was super packed--my mother-in-law came to visit for several days, it was my husbands birthday and we were getting ready to host a large family gathering.

It was fun and went by quick and one of the things we did that my mother-in-law wanted to do was visit a Bass Pro Shop. She loves fishing, which is one her favorite hobbies, and had visited a Cabela's but never had a chance to visit a Bass Pro Shop. We have one about a half hour away from us so we thought it would be nice to take her there.

The store is huge but I couldn't get the whole picture of it where I was standing. If you have never been there before I highly recommend it for people who love the great outdoors!

A huge stone fireplace greeted us (I thought I got a picture but didn't) and this is what was next to it when we walked in. 

In the middle of the store is a huge waterfall surrounded by wildlife.

There were a lot a fish in the tank including piranha which my boys got really excited about.

If you look closely you can see there are elevators up above. 

Upstairs they have an an area for kids to have some fun--there is a laser shooting range along with some hunting type of video games. 

Each time you hit a target it would spin or make a noise. 

They also have a restaurant where you can get alligator, crawfish, clam chowder, cajun pasta, venison stuffed mushrooms, ribs, and coconut shrimp. There is also a huge 13,000 gallon fish tank around the restaurant so you can watch fish while you eat.

There also was a cute little gift shop:

I had never seen Pecan Pie in a jar before. 

Or non-alcoholic moonshine barbeque sauce,

My husband got all kinds of goodies and even bought me one of these Thompson's Candle Company amazing smelling cupcake candles pictured above.

I liked that they had all kinds of toys for kids such as stick horses, cowboy hats, and play guns.  They even had these fun games- Huntingopoly, Fishingopoly and Sharkopoly if you are a fan of the Monopoly game.

This was a cute kitchen dish towel that caught my eye.
 I think they are cute as a sign too to hang in your home.

Nana had a good time overall and ended up buying the kids a bunch of moon pies and other treats. And she thanked us for taking her there. 

By the way, if you are a fan of Bass Pro Shops or know someone who is or would be
 you can find their gift cards HERE.

I hope you enjoyed our pictures!

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1 comment:

momgenet said...

Very cool !
We live here within a few minutes of you too !!!!
Great place to visit! And even though the Museum next door is $$$$ you won't really see anything like anywhere !! Go if you can.....


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