Monday, November 20, 2017

Get Organized in the New Year with The Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner 2018 (& Giveaway!!!)

Do you struggle with homemaking?

Are you tired of dealing with not being organized?

As a homemaker of over 20 years to a large family I know how important it is to have an organized home and life. If things are not the way I need them to to be to function, things can easily fall apart at the seams!

Growing up I didn't really have someone teach me the ropes on how to do all of this. My mom was great at showing me how to clean a home but we both would have never imagined on what level I would be doing it at in the future.

I am so grateful when I find something that can really help homemakers especially in the long run because we need help now but we also need that help to last. That is where The Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner 2018 comes in---it was created by a mom just like you and me who really knows and understood what our needs are!

Can you see what she has added on the cover?

"Be glad in the Lord and rejoice. "

What a much needed reminded in the midst of our busy homemaking days!

Planners are awesome because they keep everything in order and also help to:

1. Keep your goals in front of you.

2. Keep you organized.

3. Help you to be efficient and not waste time.

4. Help you execute what needs to be done and helps you to take action!

Here is what is officially included in a nutshell:

  • An overview of the year by month.
  • Two-page spreads for entries each month.
  • Two-page spreads for entries each week. This allows you to sketch out an entire week, day by day.
  • A section to enter projected tasks.
  • A section to enter specific projects.
  • A section to keep a listing of personal contact information.
  • A perforated shopping list section allows you to take the list with you.

You can see more of the page layouts HERE.

This year they are even offering FREE menu-planning downloads! Woohoo!

I truly believe that many of you out there will benefit from this planner all year long. It is a great place to plan out what needs to get done. Not only will you be able to organize your home, menus, projects and more, but you will find that getting all of this done on paper can help get your life under control and bring more peace to your household. Things always run much easier and smoother with a plan in place! You can also find them in our Wise Woman Christmas Gift Guide 2017 this year!


Right now you can get a $2 off discount
 for this planner using code: AWW200

(And you can save if you buy in bulk too!)

You can find The Homemakers Friend Daily Planner 2018 at The Homemakers Depot!

You can enter to win a free planner here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you find it to be a blessing to managing your life and home
for the upcoming new year!


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Jodeth said...

I am excited for the chance to win this planner. As an active duty military wife and the momma of four kiddos (2 with special needs) my world revolts around many many schedules. Having many appointments weekly can be so crazy and without my planner, life just does not get done. If I win this planner will be very loved and used daily.

Debby in Kansas said...

I'm a list and organizing person! This kind of book just makes my heart beat excitedly like a kid in a toy store!!

Paula said...

This looks like a great resource. I would love to have one for the new year.

The Shepherd's Wife said...

This looks like such an amazing planner! My husband is in the ministry and with 4 children, we are pretty busy homeschooling and serving our community. Trying to manage it all, especially our meals and finances can be hectic. This would be a great resource for me!

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of 4, ages 10, 5, 3, 2 and homeschool. My husband works out of town so its just me at home...this planner would help so much!

Jamie said...

With 10 children this could really come in handy!!

Ashley said...

I'd love to win this planner. It looks amazing! I'd use it to plan my days out.


Stacey said...

I'm always looking for the right planner to help me get organized. This looks like it could be the one!

Anonymous said...

College full time, full time mama and homeschool! ! Need help organizing!

Stephanie said...

This would be so helpful to keep myself organized with everything I need to do!

Rachel said...

As a mom of 3 girls who are getting older, and starting a new job, I need some help organizing my life. This would be perfect for that!

One of God's said...

Exceptionally busy in retirement. Need some order in my life. This could help. Thanks.

Sue Moore Donaldson said...

a beauty - I have a hospitality planner, too - check it out!

Mrs. U said...

I would use this for my daily homemaking and homeschooling schedule. :)


Elicia P said...

I thought being a stay at home mom would be easy. It is not, many days I have no clue what is going on. It seems to get worse and I have not figured out a way to keep it together. I used to use planners prekids and really have thought I need to do it again.


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