Monday, September 4, 2017

Back-to-School Minute-to-Win-It Party & Games!

Have I told you that every year we have a big back to school party for the kiddos?

Last year we did a Secret Agent/Mission Impossible party for them and it was SOO fun. We did all kinds of games and the party made to it our legendary hall of fame for parties.

This year I kept it simple and decided to go with Minute-to-Win-It games because they are quick and easy to plan.

We started the day off with Mickey Mouse pancakes with whipped cream, sprinkles, and fruit as a special treat and since they were nice and quick. I have six homeschool students this year and Bella (3) who does "school" with us.

We took first day of school photos first--that is a tradition I love because we get to see how they have grown over the years. We also like to take a lot of silly ones after the serious ones to make it fun!

I searched on Pinterest a week before for Minute to Win-It games and made a board so I could find everything easily. Then I wrote a list of what we could do that seemed simple and not too overwhelming.

Here are the games that we played:

All of the games are to be done within one minute--so if you play these games make sure you have a timer next to you or have someone stand by and do it for you. I have a quick list below of how they are played but we also had fun making up our own variations of games too.


Stack cups and plates and see how high you can go! You can do 1 cup and one plate or do two cups and one plate all the way up


Use a straw and transfer 25 M &M's to another plate--fastest person wins


Use two colored or regular pencils and balance on the back of your hand and flip to catch them both without falling on the floor


Use ping pong balls and toss them across the table into a cup help by your team member who hold it still--the one who can get the most in wins. We broke up into three teams of two.


Keep one or two balloons in the air without using your arms or hands--whoever keeps their balloon in the air the longest wins. The kids loved this one!


Use chopsticks to transfer 25 marshmallows to another plate.


Use one hand to put Cheerios or Fruit Loops onto a pipe cleaner and twist the ends to make a bracelet on your wrist


Break up into teams of two and one child wraps up the other child until all the paper is gone. Team who is done first wins.


Have your shoe loose on your foot and toss your shoe as far as you can--whoever is farthest wins (best done outside)


Apply vaseline on your nose with a Q-tip. Transfer 10 balls (or more to make it harder) from one plate to another


Stack as many coins as you can with one hand in a minute


Use a straw to blow your 10 marshmallows across a table to the finish line! Do this in teams of four.

Here are the supplies we bought or already had on hand:

plastic cups and plates
m & m's
colored pencils
ping pong balls
pipe cleaners 
Cheerios cereal
mini marshmallows
toilet paper
pom pom balls

Here are a few pictures of the kids playing:

Suck it Up Game

Cheerio Transfer with Spoon

Pom pom ball transfer with nose

Stack it Up

Defy Gravity

Mummy Wrap

(Her nose is shiny from all the vaseline on her nose
 from the pom pom ball transfer--she loved it!)

We had such a great time and there was just SO much laughter!

Even my second oldest daughter who is already graduated was cracking up. She played party music for us in the background and was in charge of the minute timer.

We hope you liked our pictures!

Later this week I will share how our first Poetry Tea Time went this year. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it!

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