Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Peek Into My Life & Summer Reading Series!

Over the next few weeks I thought it would be fun to start a Summer Reading series maybe once a week and share some books of interest that would you enjoy. Summer is a great time to sit back and relax, grab a cup of joe or tea, and catch up on some good reading! I hope that the books that we share will encourage you in your walk with God and will also add some in for fun too.

I also hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend. Many of you shared your plans of what you would be doing like going to special church services or visiting the cemetery.  Our family mostly hung around the homefront and ended up doing a few projects around here like installing our new 15-foot swimming pool:

(here it is filling up--the kids were so excited and played in it all weekend long!)

We also planted some veggies in the garden:

I am not sure why this picture came out weird but this is a picture of our sweet potatoes! Can't wait to see how these turn out! We also planted tomatoes, onion, kale, broccoli, zucchini, Mammoth sunflowers and will also plant some radishes, bush beans, and green peppers too. We have some little bunnies in the yard that seem to be helping themselves to our garden and they already got to some of our lettuce--those little stinkers! /Little Bella loves chasing them through the yard and trying to catch them when they come out of hiding.

And we also had a cookout with some family and friends:

Steve got all the meat over at Costco. We also had roasted corn, deviled eggs, watermelon, cucumber fruit salad with Fuji Apple dressing, chips and dip, donuts, and a Tres Leches cake (we didn't get a chance to make our gluten free version but this one was very good too). Our friends brought chocolate no bake oatmeals bars and a fruit salad. It was a beautiful and relaxing day!

Before I go, I hope you had a chance to join our Wise Woman Builds Titus 2 Facebook Group! It is a safe place to make new friends and ask questions and a fun place to learn and grow in your walk. You can join us here. 

And don't forget to enter our special May Giveaway--it ends in two days!

So how was your weekend?

Please share in the comments below!

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Gentle Joy said...

I love the beautiful old fashioned pictures.... and thank you for the link party. :)


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