Monday, February 6, 2017

Our Fun Homeschool Projects: 3D Puzzles!

Last week I shared a peek of what we did for our Friday Funday project and promised that I would share more it this week:

Right now I homeschool 5 boys and one girl (my oldest two girls are graduated and little Bella is too young for doing any formal schooling right now) and if you have been following this blog for a while you know that Friday Funday is a day we do half a day of school and then do a fun project or go on a trip somewhere. I put this into our week to make it more fun for the kids. 

I am NOT crafty by nature. Only when the mood strikes and so I have to be purposeful to plan this into my school. I want my kids to still enjoy creating things and having fun in school. 

We do all kinds of crafts but this past week I chose the above 3D Puzzles to go along with some history we have been learning. 

This is how they came out:

The White House took my 15-year-old about an hour and had a lot of details--the pillars in the front are pretty.

Here is a close-up!

The Colosseum was the hardest and took about two hours for my oldest son to make. If you look close you can see all the details in the pillars. 

You could even take it apart and see where they kept the animals and guards underneath. 

You can slide it together to make it one piece-
I left it open a bit so you can see where it fits together.

The twins did The Statue of Liberty together since it was their first time doing it and I wasn't sure how well they would do since they are younger. They did just fine and were pretty happy with the outcome. 

Joshua, who is my history lover, couldn't wait to get his hands on The Titanic and then share 1,000 facts that he learned about it with me. It was nice that it came with a stand. 

Earlier in the week we did a writing assignment on each of these topics and got books from the library to learn more about each one of them. Here are a few pictured above. 

The boys are going to display the models in the homeschool room and use them to do some imaginative play along with their legos, They had such a blast making them!

My daughter wanted to do something different than what the boys were doing so I got her this Cherry Blossom Painting Kit (pictured above). It is by number so it is going to take her a while to complete it. Once it is done (it is on canvas), we will probably hang it in her room.

Someone made this for little Bella so she could play with it while we were doing school. Isn't that sweet? It is a butterfly made out of Valentine's Day hearts!

I hope you enjoyed looking at our pictures!

If you are interested in doing these 3D puzzles, 

you can click the links above or find them HERE.

Note: This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

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