Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lilla Rose: Up to 50% Off & How to Get One Free!

Lilla Rose is having a BIG two-day sale right now!

 It is 10% off new releases--

 And 50% off holiday releases!

 Here is a peek of some of the brand NEW Flexi's (some for Valentine's Day) and more:

I think that one of my favorites is this new Coffee Cup Flexi-clip:

Here is a better look at it:

I also really love these Caprice upins:

This is the new Daisy hairstick:

 Right now you can also get ONE FREE MINI FLEXI-CLIP if you spend $50!

This is a great deal!

 You can visit my Lilla Rose site HERE.

(P.S.-- We'd love for you to join our team!)

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