Thursday, November 10, 2016

Festive Fall Feminine Favorites!

I am looking out my window watching the golden brown leaves fall slowly to the ground while I sip on a hot drink. Fall is here and it is time to get more serious about our fall wardrobes!

I have been pulling out the sweaters and taking an inventory on all the things we will need for the coming days. For some reason I am gravitating towards wearing a lot of gray and black in my own wardrobe this year but hope to add more color in the next few weeks!

As part of our Focus on Fall Series I would like to share some pretty fall inspiration:

Here I am with the grays again--but I am just really liking it this season with the different ranges of gray.  These pretty dresses look comfortable and would be nice for all kinds of occassions.

I like that it comes in other colors like this blue and looks like it is made from a soft material. 

You can definitely change the look with just whatever accessories you choose--simple or fancy it up a bit.

The black and red  would be nice around the holidays!

I also like the blanket scarves,cut off boots with midi skirts look this year too.

These blanket scarves come in so many different colors, weights, and variety--it's hard to pick one!

I found more on sale here too, they are SO beautiful!

How about these comfy ponchos ---they seem very cozy for a chilly fall day or enjoying a bonfire!

Now as for shoes--I have boots in a few different colors but this would be a great place to get these Fall Fashion Riding Boots pictured below for a fraction of the price!

Which is your favorite color? Of course I like the gray right now (ooh and maybe the red too?).

When  I was browsing I also found these Inspirational Pendant Necklaces that are Christian themed, so I had to share them with you.

Aren't they just lovely?

Now that is TRUE inspiration for the season of fall! You can find them here. 

Now just a quick important note--many of these items I just shared will be gone soon so if you want it, get it before it's gone. I can't tell you how many people click through and find it was too late!

Lastly I wanted to share some fall Lilla Rose news with you--did you know they just released several new holiday styles? This one is from last month and it is called Autumn Compass.
 I will share more about the holiday flexiclips very soon!  Until then, you can follow my Lilla Rose fanpage or find them in the The NEW Wise Woman Christmas Gift Guide!

                          What are some of *your* fall favorites this year?

I hope that you were inspired here today!

Happy fall, ya'll!

Note: This post contains affiliate links---thanks for your support!

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