Friday, November 25, 2016

BLACK FRIDAY 4 Day Sale: Lilla Rose Up to 60% Off, Free Shipping, Giveaway and More!

It's Black Friday! I know that some of you love going out and getting the great deals but many of you just love staying at home and not missing the deals you can get online. So today I wanted to share some deals with you!

Let's start out first with one of my favorites--Lilla Rose!

They are offering 20-60% off everything and FREE shipping on orders $75+!

If you order more than $100 you get a FREE Zipper pouch and Holiday Bobby Set!

We are also having a surprise Lilla Rose Giveaway so enter below to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find the Black Friday sale HERE!


Anonymous said...

I like the Soft sounds clothes collection.

Unknown said...

I like several things in the gift guide, but we have just started collecting things from Pioneer Woman and we love them! said...

I love Lilla Rose! I have several of the hair clips. I am currently loving the Carmine and Dusky Plum designs.

Annette said...

I like the Young Living Essential Oils. I haven't used oils in awhile and to toss out my collection since they were so old.

Darcy Carmichael said...

I love Lilla Rose!

Anonymous said...

I plan on purchasing my 2017 planner calendar.

crystal mccord said...

The Pioneer woman collection, all of it is sooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like Lilla Rose.

Anonymous said...

Annette, I just ran across your comment. Young Living essential oils do not expire. When they discovered King Tut's tomb in the early 1900s, they found a vat of essential oil, and it was still good! Now, grocery store oils likely do expire (and you will see an exp date on the bottles) because they most likely are cut heavily with a carrier oil (this does not have to be listed on the ingredients list, even for so-called pure oils). But, Young Living oils should be fine for as long as you have them! The only exception to this would be citrus oils. They do expire eventually (cold expressed from the rinds, not steam distilled like the rest of the oils). I hope you haven't actually thrown them out yet. I can't tell because it looks like you left a word out of your sentence (need to toss out, had to toss out, want to toss out... LOL). Praying you haven't done it yet! Blessings,


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