Friday, September 9, 2016

When We Understand That Time With Our Children Is Short

The Blue Chairs.

That is what keeps going through my mind as I read through the third chapter of the book The Most Important Place on Earth. (It is not too late to join us as we go through this book, you can find it here!)

Of all the important topics the author covered in that chapter, all I could think about was those blue chairs.

Here, let me explain:

There were two women. 

One woman was watching the other's child when he got out of school. 

 When the child would arrive she would get the "best" part of his day instead of the mom as he shared the day's events over cookies and milk. When the mom comes home later in the day there is not much that the son shares with her, he has already shared it with the woman watching over him. 

The mom is distraught and saddened about this and discusses this over a visit with the woman who watches him. She reveals that her husband has asked her to take responsibility for the decorating bills in the home. She says she will come home to "little Scotty" when she is finally able to purchase the blue chairs needed for the living room. But, sadly, soon after the chairs were bought, the couch looked ratty next to them.

And when you think of it, for might not be the blue chairs.

But it might be other things that aren't as necessary but seem important.

 Like some of the goals we create,

or priorities,

or things we desire,

that we place over our children.

And we do this without realizing it.

They might even be "good" things.

And we bump  our children down...



way down...

the list.

And before we know it, we have forgotten about them.

How did this happen?

When will we understand that time with our children is short?

That there are no second chances or do-overs?

Before our time with them slips away. 

Because while the days feel long, the years are short. 

Friends, think carefully today.

And pray and ask Him Who already knows. 

What are the "blue chairs" in your life right now?

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