Friday, September 16, 2016

Lilla Rose Sale--Up to 50% Off!

Did you know that I wear Lilla Rose Flexi-clips practically everyday? I am the type who likes my long hair swept up while I go about my day. We haven't shared much about them lately but I definitely wanted to tell you about this special September sale that started today!

I love all the styles and the durability of these clips. They are strong and do not break easily like other hair clips I have tried, not to mention they are SO pretty and only take a few seconds to pop in!

They have them in all sizes that work for short and long hair too!

The sale is today and ends tomorrow. It is 15% off everything and 40-50% off select styles. If you order $60+ you also get a set of FREE u-pins!

You can visit our Lilla Rose site HERE!

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