Monday, May 4, 2015

Being Careful with Comfort

"Be very careful.....

To love the Lord your God,
 to walk in obedience to him,
 to keep his commands,
 to hold fast to him
 and to serve him
 with all your heart
 and with all your soul.

~Joshua 21:5

When you are settled into your new house,
 or marriage.

When life seems to be going well
 and you are not having to battle like before.....

Be very careful with comfort -
don't let your heart stray."

~Pastor Mark Jobe, New Life Church

I hope you enjoyed our Quote of the Week!

1 comment:

  1. What wonderful advice...for it is in those moments of ease that we are most vulnerable to becoming cold in our spiritual walk and drifting away from God. It seems that our burdens keep us on our knees, and our failures keep us humble before Him. He allows what is in our best interests, even if it isn't always what we would wish for. God bless you, June. :) Still praying for you and your family during your time of grief.


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