Friday, March 6, 2015

Easy Two Ingredient Pancakes { Healthy & Gluten Free}!

I have recently begun the journey on going gluten free with my daughter, Naomi, (a post on this coming soon) and wanted to share a very simple and easy recipe that we use for breakfast on mornings that the family has pancakes.

It is so easy that it uses only two ingredients---yes, that's right! Just TWO!

Here they are~


1 medium sized banana 
2 eggs 

But if you wanted to get fancy you could include some of these ingredients above as optional add-ins like my daughter likes to do. That would include applesauce, cinnamon, coconut milk, peanut butter, coconut flakes, gluten free oatmeal, vanilla greek yogurt,or nutella. It tastes amazing with the extras. And no, I don't know exact measurements---just a pinch of this and a spoonful or so of that. You know, to your liking!

Now back to our easy recipe---take the two ingredients above that we started out with and put them into your Nutribullet or blender and mix them up real good.

My daughter Joy helped with this step!

Take your batter and pour like you would as if you made regular pancakes. These come out a bit thinner but the taste is amazing! It is so fresh and naturally sweet. Nothing but healthy goodness for your body!

See the steam coming off those pancakes? I can't believe Naomi caught that when she took this picture. She is pretty good at photography while I am so not. And since I am a blogger with a blog, I really, really appreciate that.

Here they are all done! They are light and yummy and wonderful with your favorite fruit syrup or just some honey drizzled over the top.


If you liked this simple recipe you might also enjoy reading cookbooks that include recipes with two, three, four, or five ingredients--you can find some here (in hardcover and eBook format):!important;%20margin:0px%20!important;%22%20/

Hope you enjoyed this post!
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sarah said...

We have made these in our home for a while now and they are much loved. With blueberries and yoghurt they make a lovely, healthy breakfast. I look forward to seeing your gluten-free posts.

kristine barr said...

I made these pancakes today and they were wonderful!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

That sounds delicious, Sarah! I will have to try that too. I usually make it a point to try to have a blueberry smoothie everyday just for the healthy heart benefits. If you stop by the blog today I shared my post on our journey going gluten free. Here is the link:

Thanks for visiting!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

I'm so glad you tried them, Kristine! They are so super easy that anyone could do them and the really are delicious. Thanks for letting us know you tried them and hope you visit again soon!

Many blessings...


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