Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Are You Overwhelmed, Discouraged, and Feeling Like God is Far Away?

There are some days when you feel like you might be very far, far away from the Lord. You might be at this low point in your life where you feel you don't hear Him any more or even care to.  You might even think you are backslidden and you may very well be.  Or you just might be entangled in your own ugly sin but having a hard time admitting it.  Whatever the case, I really liked this quote and felt I should share it to encourage you:

"Tell me where you lost the company of Christ,

and I will tell you the most likely place to find Him.

Have you lost Christ in the closet by restraining prayer?

Then it is there you must seek and find Him.

Did you lose Christ by sin? 

You will find Christ in no other way but by the giving up of the sin, and seeking by the Holy Spirit to mortify the member in which the lust dwells.

Did you lose Christ by neglecting the Scriptures?

You must find Christ in the Scriptures.

It is a true proverb, "Look for a thing where you dropped it--it is there."

So look for Christ where you lost Him,

for He has not gone away. "

~Charles Spurgeon 

Without Christ we will not have true peace--He is our peace.

And like Peter who took his eyes off Christ and began to sink.

We need to remember to keep our eyes on the King!

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