Monday, October 6, 2014

The Devolution of the Family

"Bringing your children up in the instruction of the Lord

 requires a substantial time commitment.

You can't teach your children if you are not there,

 or if you are too preoccupied when you are there

 that you never spend any time with them.

Our nation is facing an epidemic of the devolution of the family,

and it is the negligence of parents 

who are simply not available to instruct their children."

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  1. I am presently reading The Second Stage by Betty Friedan, a founder of the feminist movement. She said in order to gain women's "rights" they needed to be able to control the womb through birth control and abortion. She wrote this 2nd book 20 years after the feminist movement and admitted in order to achieve this goal the bridge they had to walk over was the family and it was destroyed in the process. God had NO part in this. It is tragic.


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